Opensubtitles by opensubtitles has stopped working since yesterday
For the "apps that scrape the website and don't use the api". Here are the some source files of vlsub (vlc's addon for opensubtitles), subliminal and subdownloaded. If you take a closer look, you will notice that they all use the api. Notice the "" part on all of them. So, your claim about them is completely invalid. I have more stuff to do than search the source code of apps, so I just posted those 3 only

Do you see any of the devs putting any kind of credentials there? Because I don't.

Moreover, after reading the api's documentation here, I found out that there is an error code for when the download limit is reached, the 407. The problem is I do not get a 407 error, neither a 403 one, which is for the wrong credentials. As I said, I got no error other than the word "error" on the notification.
I agree with you on the rest. However, for me, opensubtitles still is a service with a great api but with a horrible page, and that is because of the ads.

I do have a secondary service for subtitles via an addon, but it has 2 flaws compared to opensubtitles. It does not have an api, so all the search requests etc are done by scraping, which is really slow and it lacks the variety of opensubtitles. 
Also, thank you for your comment on the tinfoil hat. I have received similar comments in the past and if it was not for some issue reports I do here on the forums, because that is the only place I can talk to the some of the real devs of addons, I would have closed my account a long time ago. Similar comments also prevent me from filing issues on kodi's github page, although I am willing to help solve them.

Finally, the addon works as it should since last night, so I think the thread can be locked now. If anyone has to comment anything, you are welcome.

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RE: Opensubtitles by opensubtitles has stopped working since yesterday - by jim_p - 2020-03-27, 09:50

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Opensubtitles by opensubtitles has stopped working since yesterday0
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