Kodi reboots by itself
Hi! Hopefully someone can help me ut? I installed libreelec yesterday and got a movie to play after unpacking it, didn't know I needed the add on but anyway, got that fixed today but now, for some reson kodi restarts after a while. First I thought it was when I started a movie but now I see that it happends all the time. A few minutes pass and then it reboot. I hope this logfile is any help: zifudizija (paste)

Thanks in advance.
The kodi.old.log showing the issue would probably help shed some light on the issue more than the log you uploaded. You should be able to find it in the same location as the kodi.log.
A crash during the scanning process, hmm... That hasn't happened for quite some time to me.
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Getting the old log file got out of my league.. I can see it in the log add on but I can't create a link for the old so I tried following the steps in the wiki. I managed to create the logpath and all that but hit a wall when it came to the xml file.
ssh to machine from a phone or laptop/pc.  Do cat .kodi/temp/kodi.old.log | pastebinit. Post link it gives you. When you ssh to libreElec it will ask you for a username and password, these are respectively root and libreelec.  Note that the password will not show on screen when you type it in.
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Is this the correct one? http://ix.io/2fE5
Yeah looks like it's crashing during the scanning process with lines such as "WARNING: No information found for item 'smb:// 1/-[Serier/Playa del Sol - Nya/', it won't be added to the library."

Seems like the scraper can't find any info about the series you are trying to add, have these items ever shown up in your library?
I would guess the first thing to do here is to stop the scanning at startup and see if a 'vanilla' install of kodi will run without rebooting.

You can achieve the equivalent of a fresh install by
  • ssh to libreElec (instructions above)
  • Once logged in, do systemctl stop kodi (this will shutdown kodi but leave libreelec running)
  • do mv .kodi .kodi-orig this moves everything user-related to kodi to a backup directory - note that the '.' and spaces are important!)
  • do systemctl start kodi (restarts Kodi. As we have moved it's settings in the line above, it will re-create the defaults so libraries will be empty and no scanning will occur)

If that works and Kodi runs without crashing then I suggest to take baby steps! Enable debug logging (settings -> system -> logging -> enable the debug log setting) and then add a source. If that's still OK, try scanning the source into the library. If it crashes, upload and link the logfile.
Learning Linux the hard way !!
FXB78: No, I took a look and they weren't there.

I've now done as black_eagle said and so far everthing seems to be working. After the first install it worked for a day so I hope it will go better this time Smile Thank's everyone for pitching in, I really appreciate it. My kids have really missed a bunch of old childrens movies.
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