Move from OpenElec (Kodi 16.1) to LibreElec (18.x) with shared MySQL

I have three machines all running OpenElec with Kodi at 16.1 and a shared MySQL database on a remote server.

I would like to move everything to the most recent LibreElec build, which would be relatively straightforward were it not for my shared MySQL environment. Can someone clue me in on the best way to achieve this?

My current thoughts are to upgrade one of the OpenElec builds to the highest version (18.x?) and let the upgrade process sort out the database upgrade on the server, then install new builds of LibreElec on each machine and point them back to MySQL.

Is this the simplest way or have I missed something?

It is yes, although if you want to be more gentle with it upgrade to a 17.x version of LibreElec first on one device as a stepping stone, and then to the current 18.x release (LE 9.2.1 as of now).

That way you're migrating the database in major steps (Jarvis --> Krypton --> Leia) and so have a nice smooth path.

Once you've got once device running and it has done the database upgrade for you, you can then upgrade the other devices straight to 18.x/9.2.1 and it should pick up the MySQL database directly.

Of course if you want ultimate safety, backup and export the database before you do anything, so you can revert if anything does go wrong.
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That's interesting. How do I upgrade from Open Elec to LibreElec?
And yes, I've already taken a MySQL backup Big Grin
Ignore that. A quick google revealed the answer. Didn't realise that was a thing or I'd have done it ages ago!
Yup just drop the update file into the update folder and it'll do itself.

LE is a fork of OE, so they are reasonably interchangeable.
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(2020-03-26, 16:31)LeeJS Wrote: How do I upgrade from Open Elec to LibreElec?

You cannot upgrade directly, the system partition of OpenELEC is smaller than that of LibreELEC.
Best is to do a full Video Library Export (with watched status etc enabled).

Then install LibreELEC, (re)set your sources, and import your video collection.
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OK, I've now done this but it was harder than I expected. The good news is it has all worked.

I first had to resize the boot partition on my HTPC, which took several hours but it was an unattended several hours so no great loss.
I then ran the OpenElec updater and managed to get it to v7. Updating to v8 didn't work automatically so I had to copy the .tar file to the update folder. That successfully upgraded the Dbase to k17.
Then I used the OpenElec->LibreElec upgrade method suggested above to crossgrade to LibreElec. I then stepped through a series of upgrades to the current final version of LE, which also upgraded the Dbase to v18. Phew.
I am now in the process of installing new LE installs on the two RPi devices and have successfully linked the first to the upgraded MySQL, which has all worked fine.

My only problem now appears to be the HTPC no longer wakes on LAN like it used to under OpenElec. This is going to be a showstopper if I can't fix it, although at least now I'll be free to move to something else now I'm off OpenElec.
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Move from OpenElec (Kodi 16.1) to LibreElec (18.x) with shared MySQL00
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