[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-04-18, 16:59)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-04-18, 06:50)jdig4240 Wrote:
(2020-04-12, 02:38)drinfernoo Wrote: As an update for you guys: I'm working on a couple new features, that I'll probably be releasing fairly soon.

The first little group of fixes have to do with shortcut groups: I've cleaned up the menus surrounding them, so that it is easier than before to point a widget at them, and you shouldn't see any "useless" entries on your widgets anymore (@FXB78 Wink). Along with this, I've figured out how to make widgets that are made from shortcut groups update their content automatically when the group changes. That means that adding/removing/shifting/editing paths in a shortcut group will update any widgets that are pointed at that group automatically, without needing to reload the skin!

I have a few other things coming in updates that I hope to get out pretty quickly, time permitting, but I hadn't seen much movement here in the last couple days, so I wanted you guys to know I was still thinking of you Wink

Let me know if anything's not working, or could work better Smile

Very nice with the cleaner shortcuts group. One question...
Any possibility in the future to have the ability to create folders (Groups) inside a shortcut group? Kinda like Superfavorites. I have a lot of stuff setup that way. For example a Movies folder with Subfolders  inside for 4K Movies, 3D movies, 24/7 Movies, etc.

-Thank You! This is a great addon and love to see where this can go.
*Wow, gonna go have some fun with these new Explode and Clone options 

You can technically already do this Wink You can add a shortcut to another shortcut group. while that makes your main menu a bit messy, it does work.

I'll consider that though... seems like it'd be tricky to do within the current design, but I could see how it would be useful. 

I see what your saying. So if im in autowidgets, i can hit context on a shortcut group and choose add to shotcut group, and add that group to another shortcut group.. The only problem i see now, is I wouldnt be able to add more stuff into the shortcut group thats within the root of the first shortcut group. Lol hope that makes sense.

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