[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-04-19, 18:48)jdig4240 Wrote: Hey Drinfernoo, so ive been using Xonfluence skin with autowidgets just fine by adding the random path to favorites and choosing the favorite as widget and then initialize. Upon more testing I noticed an issue that i can replicate for sure. Ok, so I have a setup where I use more than one skin. The other skin uses skin shortcuts, Xonfluence doesnt. When running Xonfluence by itself autowidgets work fine. But if another skin with skinshortcuts is installed along with Xonfluence, autowidget fails to initialize the widgets in Xonfluence. I can fix this everytime by simply shutting down Kodi and removing the skinshortcuts folder from addon_data, restart Kodi  and try initializing again and works. If i shut down kodi again and replace the skinshortcuts folder and restart kodi, initialize widgets fails. So its definitly something with the script.skinshortuts folder in addon_data that causes it, but i dont understand what that has to do with Xonfluence since Xonfluence doesnt use skin shortcuts anyway. The error logs shows this after the error: 

2020-04-19 12:26:24.069 T:14912  NOTICE: plugin.program.autowidget: [ action: random ] [ group: tv-1587312995.93 ] [ id: 69285975-ec5c-405c-9bbc-0640420f072c ] [ mode: path ]
2020-04-19 12:26:24.107 T:18072 WARNING: XFILE::CFileFactory::CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(plugin) in plugin://plugin.program.autowidget/?mode=force
2020-04-19 12:26:24.107 T:18072   ERROR: InputStream: Error opening, plugin://plugin.program.autowidget/?mode=force
2020-04-19 12:26:27.041 T:2256  NOTICE: plugin.program.autowidget: [ mode: force ]

I would need to see the whole log. The "error" you've attached is just Kodi griping that it can't create a thumbnail for "Initialize Widgets", because it's not an episode of a show. It's a normal, but rather annoying, "log spam" message.

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