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(2020-04-23, 10:53)FXB78 Wrote:
(2020-04-22, 18:34)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-04-22, 11:55)FXB78 Wrote: I'm trying to add shortcuts to some Radio Stations from the Radio addon in the Kodi Repo, but they won't play. The log seems to indicate "Attempt to use invalid handle -1", this is what's shown when I try to play a station:
2020-04-22 10:45:10.217 T:139888479172352  NOTICE: plugin.program.autowidget: [ action: call ][ path: xs_manchester-1587548476.35 ][ group: radio_stations-1587548472.25 ][ mode: path ][ id: 27cc997c-7f55-4a2b-b594-7428abd578eb ]
2020-04-22 10:45:10.509 T:139888259311360  NOTICE: [xbmcswift2] Request for "/station/12150" matches rule for function "get_stream_url"
2020-04-22 10:45:10.510 T:139888259311360  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] get_station_by_station_id started with station_id=12150
2020-04-22 10:45:10.510 T:139888259311360  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] __api_call started with path=v2/search/station, param={'station': '12150'}
2020-04-22 10:45:10.510 T:139888259311360  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] __urlopen opening url=http://api.rad.io/info/v2/search/station?station=12150
2020-04-22 10:45:10.883 T:139888259311360  NOTICE: [plugin.audio.radio_de] get_stream_url result: http://media-ice.musicradio.com:80/RealXSManchesterMP3
2020-04-22 10:45:10.891 T:139888259311360 WARNING: Attempt to use invalid handle -1

It's a very simple shortcut, the group file from the userdata is shown in full here https://paste.kodi.tv/etunomerij.kodi

Is this something can can be fixed in Auto Widgets or is the addon simply incompatible?  

I will attempt to test that add-on specifically, but I'm pretty sure my next release will fix this.

EDIT: Did a quick test. The streams that I did test... didn't work in the add-on Rofl However, with my latest (not public yet) changes, I was able to successfully add them to a shortcut group, and the shortcuts work properly. I should be tightening up a few strings and releasing those changes very soon, so they'll probably be active in 1.5.0
Hi, I tested 1.5.0 and it didn't seem to like my old shorcuts, so I created them from scratch & the playable items, i.e. Radio now work great! Thanks.

One thing I did notice though... is the ability to edit artwork now broken? It just throws an error now when I go in via Edit Path-> art:icon/thumb Smile

Oh dang! It shouldn't be... Can you post the error or a log?

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