[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-04-24, 15:31)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-04-24, 14:43)Doctor Eggs Wrote: I'm not sure if this is do-able or within the scope of this add-on but it would be awesome if the add-on had the ability to make a widget hub. 

The thought would be that I could create a hub, add a bunch of widgets to that hub and when I went into that hub it would be all of the widgets displayed in rows one after the other.

Here is an example:

So in AutoWidget I would create a hub called "Kids Hub" and then add the "Kids Television In Progress", "Kid's TV Favorites", and "Kids Movies (Recently Added)" widgets to that hub. Then when I went into the hub it would display like above.

Yeah, it kind of doesn't sound like that's a good candidate for using AutoWidget? In that instance, I'd simply set up the hub/menu in your skin, and then point individual widgets.

You could, perhaps obviously, use AutoWidgets inside your hub, for more variety Wink   
Thanks for the reply and this AWESOME add-on.

My problem is that in Embuary, I only have one hub (Custom Hub) that I can do this in and I was hoping to be able to create more than just one.

My thought was to be able to point a menu item at an AutoWidget hub and when that opened, you would have just those widgets in that AutoWidget hub.

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