[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-05-19, 19:01)macardi Wrote:
(2020-05-16, 10:43)macardi Wrote:
(2020-05-16, 02:23)drinfernoo Wrote: I'm really not sure... I can test a couple of those, namely YouTube and Netflix, but those are the only two you mentioned that I'm able to use. There shouldn't necessarily be any reason why that would be happening, but with a debug log I can probably find the issue and get it working for you.

my recommendation for people who are having issues is to zip the addon_data/plugin.program.autowidget and addon_data/script.skinshortcuts folders, along with the one for your skin, and a debug log.

This gives me all the pertinent information about your AutoWidget setup (the groups you've made, the widgets you've pointed, and any skin settings that are relevant), and will give me the best chance to fully replicate, if possible, and fix the issue.        
Thanks for your answer!

I have ziped the files and folders that you asked for.



Did you get a chance to look at my logs? My problem is still there with the new release.


Oddly, enough, while testing, I actually replicated it with other add-ons Big Grin I'm looking into a fix now.

EDIT: Can you try it with 0.0.744 from the devrepo? I may have gotten it fixed there. Make sure it's that one, subsequent versions may still be missing the fix until I merge it to master.

EDIT 2: I've pushed a new devrepo release, 0.0.746, which includes the above fix, as well as my changes heading towards 2.0.0, if you'd like to try them out. Bear in mind that these releases aren't "intended" for public consumption, and a few things aren't working exactly right at the moment, but anything regarding shortcut widgets should be working fine. Also be advised, widgets you created in older versions will not refresh correctly with this version, but the groups should still work the same, and rolling back to 1.6.6 should cause them to function again... I think Big Grin

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