[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
drinfernoo, as im slowly trying to switchover from SF to AW, ive noticed something else that you might be able to fix in a future update? Sometimes I have the need to move around items in the shortcut sections im using. By moving around, I mean copying a shortcut from one group of shortcuts to another group. For example I made a shortcut group for my Kids stuff. I then decided to create more Shortcut groups to separate the kids stuff, so I made another shortcut group named Kids Movies. So I know I can just click the context menu in the Kids shortcut group and choose add to autowidgets to copy it to my new Kids Movies shortcut group. Heres the problem, AW copies the path it was in when it was in the main Kids shortcut group and adds the path from the group your copying it from, which means if i delete the old Kids Shortcut group the link is now dead. SF gives you the option to copy or link to previous group when copying. This way if you choose copy it copies the original shortcut instead of the shortcut path it was in from the other group. So i guess the question is, when your in AW shortcuts and you choose to add to Autowidgets, can you code it so it copies the original path instead of copying the path that includes plugin.program.autowidgets/group/ from the prevoious shortcut group? Or have a choice like SF where it asks if you want to copy or link to original shortcut group? Hope im explaining it correctly. Thanks.
If im confusing you let me know.

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