[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-07-06, 15:50)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-07-06, 13:31)jdig4240 Wrote: The shortcuts have been working great, the widgets, for me, not so much. Could be my setup as I have more than one skin installed, and I also have the setting in skin shortcuts to "enable shared menus"-Disabled, so that the skins can be independently setup. Was thinking this might be unforseen issue that might be worth bringing up. Look forward to trying your next updates.

What's not working? Are you in the stable or devrepo version?

1.68. Like i said im not ready to blame AW, cause i have a kinda crazy setup with multiple skins, but overall It seems I had too many issues getting the widgets to work correctly. Seems like it worked fine in Xonfluence, but only when i didnt have other skins installed with skin shortcuts, if i had other skins installed on the same setup, then AW in Xonfluence would stop working/fail to initialize. Then on other skins with Skin Shortcuts, Most times at first initialize it would just freeze up Kodi, causing me to force stop. Sometimes I could get it to initialize eventually after a few restarts. Also tried making a shortcut to the refresh widgets in Tools, so I can have a refresh in the submenu and cycle through the widgets, but that seemed like it always worked the first two times, third time would freeze up Kodi.  Tried random and next with same results. Also noticed in Xonfluence skin, even after I deleted the Widget and changed it to something else, Autowidget would automatically change the widget back to the autowidget that was set before i removed the autowidget. (I browsed the files and seems that it was still in the active widgets code in userdata) And autowidgets kept readding the widget to the userdata skin folder, even after manually changing it to something else. Had to delete the active widget from aw section manually. I would really have to play around some more to try to narrow down what im doing wrong, but just blurting out what ive seen so far. Like i said though, I have a multiple skin setup with Enable shared menus set to off in Skin Shortcuts. Most likely the issue is how I have everything setup, not sure.

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