[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
Alright, everyone, it's that time again! Today I am pleased to announce AutoWidget 2.0.0! A number of things have been changed, including how AutoWidgets are created and used, so I hope you guys will like the changes Big Grin

I've made a video that goes over the bulk of the changes, including the removal of the "initialization" phase, the addition of "static" path widgets, the ability to have dynamically "paged" widgets, which update their content on-the-fly, and to "merge" paths into a single widget with mixed content.


This is a major update, and while I wish it didn't have to be this way, groups and paths created in older versions will likely need to be recreated, if errors arise. This is definitely the case for widgets. Old widgets that you had set up will probably just stay on whatever path they are on now, but in order to use AutoWidgets again, you'll need to point the widget again. The easiest way to "start fresh" is to remove any widgets from your skin that would be AutoWidgets, and then choose "Wipe Add-on Data" from either the Tools menu or settings for AutoWidget.

How about the widget label?

Keen observers will notice that in my video, I didn't show the label updating... And that's because it's a bit trickier than before. In order to do so, you'll need to get the "container ID" for whichever widget you want to change the label of. In @jurialmunkey's skins, and maybe others, you can use an action with the following path (I put it on my power menu): Skin.ToggleSetting(debuginfo). After toggling the overlay, you can focus the widget to see the ID (among other information, usually) displayed on the screen.

You can then use this container ID in the following InfoLabel: $INFO[Container(ID).ListItem.Property(autoLabel)], replacing "ID" with the one you found earlier. Simply use that as your widget label in Skin Shortcuts, and you're done!

What about ListItem Properties?

First off, if you don't know what "ListItem Properties" means, this section is likely not for you. Secondly, if you find that certain context menu options or labels are unavailable to your skin while using AutoWidget (or wish to use TMDbHelper's "random"-styled paths as widgets with updating labels), then this section probably is for you. Due to missing functionality in Kodi Leia 18.x and before, it was impossible for me to maintain those particular functionalities in all cases, while still implementing all of the new features I wanted to. If you find yourself in this position, update to a Matrix nightly release (or stable, once we get to that point, as the necessary changes have already been merged).

Where's my update?

I'm clicking "push" now Big Grin

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