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Release Disney+
(2020-04-18, 22:19)matthuisman Wrote:
(2020-04-18, 10:27)bibi31470 Wrote: Just a question, where did you find the zip file ?
@bibi31470 I pasted the code I used to pull it from LibreELEC repo in my post Smile

Can you please stop spamming about the add-on your trying to make
No one is going to walk you through it. Your going to have spend time experimenting and looking at other peoples add-ons.
If you can't do that - you will just need to put a request in the Add-on Request forum and wait. 
Hi @matthuisman 
Thank you for your answer! is it possible to reach libreELEC repo from my computer (in order to not ask you every time when there is an update!). Sorry for my question, I can't find it alone .... not familiar with this!

I have installed Kodi with OSMC, without any specific reason: is it better to use LibreELEC? Is your opinion to change?

Kind regards,
Either isnfine

If you want to use your browser, you'd need to a useragent changer extension (or chrome dev tools) and set your user-agent to libreelec. Then server then will allow you to access it.
(2020-04-19, 22:21)matthuisman Wrote: Either isnfine

If you want to use your browser, you'd need to a useragent changer extension (or chrome dev tools) and set your user-agent to libreelec. Then server then will allow you to access it.
Hi Matthuisman,
Thank you for your prompt answer!
So, I will stay on OSMC for know!
OK, I will try to access it according to your message.

Kind regards,
I tried this addon on my Nvidia Shield (2017) but the video won't play when I try to select anything 4K. I only hear the audio.

I've tried both a recent Leia nightly with IS.A 2.4.4 and a recent Matrix nightly with IS.A 2.5.5.

In the addon I have selected Widevine L1 + 4K + H265 + HDR10.

When I set the stream quality to "Ask" I do see two different 2560x1440 streams with slightly different bitrates (I'm in The Netherlands so no real 4K at the moment), but no matter which one I choose, I only hear audio.

Any clues on this?
Is there a way to get inputstream 2.4.2 loaded by myself before the official update is released?

(2020-04-09, 10:18)matthuisman Wrote: Image

Info & Install Instructions
A further update needed to IA to enable 4k. For now, turn off L1 device
@matthuisman Thanks for letting me know. I will wait patiently (also for subtitle support lol Smile)
The addon contains no copyright/license information. Would it be possible to add this?

Is there a (Github) repository for maintaining the "official" source code? This would allow other developers to contribute...

Watchlist support added.

New main menu item for accessing it.
And can add items to it via context menu.
When viewing the watchlist, you can remove items from it via context menu.

You can now also Add / Delete profiles via the Select Profile dialog.
And once you have selected a profile, it's avatar and name will now show when on the "Select Profile" menu item.
Makes it easier to tell the current profile.

Skip or Include Intros
If you have enabled Skip Intros globally via settings, the "Skip Intro" context menu now changes to "Include Intro" (instead of being removed)

You can now Continue Watching
If you have started watching content via the official Disney apps or website,
you can continue watching from the same position by selecting "Continue Watching" in the context menu.
Note: The add-on won't currently send back where you play up-to in Kodi

Thanks for this update!

in a previous post you mean, that 1080p are only in USA available and maybe theres a workaroud to get 1080p in other regions too.

Have you any news about that?
1080 still requires L1 Android. 720 will always be the Max without that.

I found news articles about them reducing quality in Europe in response to covid. So I suspect after that's all done, everywhere will get the better resolution choices.
Appears they think Europe includes Australia / NZ as we also have the reduced quality selection.
i have problem with the "Play from here" option.
sometimes it plays two videos in a row. sometimes only one, then it gets stuck and you have to get out of the video screen and try again.

i play from Watchlist, I have little films in there 5-7min (Donald Duck, Pluto etc)
@kampfi I've noticed something similar to that as well. Auto playing the next video either fails and the current video starts over or the current video continues playing past the length of the video. My guess was an Inputstream issue. It also doesn't seem to happen on every video either.
Happy to report that version 0.1.8 of the addon is now able to play the 2560x1440 HDR streams on the Shield.

You do need version 2.5.6 of IS.A for this, which is included in the latest Matrix build (I'm using the one from 26-04-2020).

I have also enabled the L1 Widevine, X265 and HDR10 options in the addon settings.

And Dutch subtitles also work, so good job!
@kampfi @snoopyjoe

Do you guys have the quality select enabled when the issue is happening?
Do you have same issue if you change Default Quality to disabled in the add-on settings?

Also, I had no idea what "play from here" did until now.
(Plays current list one after each other)
I've always used the kodi setting "play next video automatically"

Just pushed 0.1.9

This fixes the search to match same as website behaviour
Fixes some avatars not showing

Continue watching context item removed.
Now it detects when your in the Featured > Continue Watching list.
If in this list and playing a content - it will default to where you left off elsewhere.
Also, a "Play from Start" context item is added here as well in case need to play from start.
It also forces Kodi to show the "in progress" icon - but won't give a "resume from" pop-up.
It will simply play where other disney+ apps left of at.

Updated Slyguy Shared as well.
The quality select dialog will now timeout after 10 seconds and just pick what is pre-selected (last chosen quality)
I noticed Kodi would start playing after a while with this dialog up.
Then selecting something would stop playback.
So, having it autoclose will stop that happening when autoplaying.

It also makes it if a folder with no content is opened - it shows a pop-up dialog instead of empty folder.
eg. Eddie the Eagle > Extras (there are none)
Therefore you don't get navigated away to an empty folder. Saves having to go back.
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