Yarr - My opensource Electron based file renamer
Hi all,

I used to use "The Renamer" a lot. It was so helpful being able to have a tool that could quickly look up metadata based on scraping info from a file name. However one day it broke: "The Renamer" just couldn't find info for any of the files I was trying. I figured that something changed in the places it was trying to get it's metadata from.

But when I tried to look and see if I could correct the problem with "The Renamer" or find out if it was being updated, I couldn't find any information. It wasn't opensource and I couldn't find a place where I could alert the maintainer.

So I decided that, as a side hobby to learn JS and Electron (I chose this runtime because of it's inherent cross-platform compatibility) I would build my own.

After lots of procrastination and delays, I finally have a version that I don't mind sharing with the outside world without extreme embarrassment.


What it does:
  • Drag and drop files (inspired from the renamer)
  • Tries to identify a show name, and episode IDs from files
  • Tries to find the related show on a metadata website (atm, that is currently thetvdb)
  • Allows you to verify the new name, and rename single files, or all files
What it doesn't do/is awful
  • ugly as sin (looks and JS organization - I'm still learning)
  • opens the chrome dev tools by default. I did that for ease of debugging.
  • it gets tripped up on some atypical file naming schemes (eg, if there's episode number only, no season number, etc)
  • hard coded renaming scheme
  • not packaged - requires NPM installed to run
  • doesn't support movies
  • doesn't check for false positives - if the google results return a different show result, it doesn't do any sanity checking...
But of course, it's opensource! so if you want to fix things, or add features then go for it. I'm very happy to accept PRs especially from any JS gurus out there.

I've chose to license it in GPLv2. Even though it's a bit more restrictive, I've chose to make this source code freely available to anyone who wants to use or improve it so I think that others who base their work off mine should do the same.

Thanks for reading!

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Yarr - My opensource Electron based file renamer0
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