Problem with using TV cable box and then switching back to Kodi
My setup is running Kodi on a dedicated Mac Mini connected to a TV via hdmi.  My problem is that if I am running Kodi and use my controller to switch TV input to my cable box, do something even briefly on cable and then switch TV input back to the Mac mini hdmi again, and try to watch something on Kodi, the timing is all messed up and things run in stuttery slow motion, completely unusable.  Only fix is to quit Kodi, reboot the mini and start in again.

I figure that it's something to do with the screen refresh rate for cable TV use, not matching the screen refresh rate of the mac mini or at least the screen refresh that Kodi is expecting although I can use other video players with no problem (VLC, QuickTime etc) after doing the above switch out and back just video playback with Kodi is affected.  Is there a setting in Kodi that will make it compatible with switching like this or am I condemned forever to the "reboot the mini" as a solution?  Quit and restart Kodi does NOT make the problem go away, only a reboot of the mini sorts it.  Running Kodi 18.6
try playing with "Delay after changing refresh rate" setting (or possibly other screen settings) in Settings - System - Display
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Problem with using TV cable box and then switching back to Kodi00
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