False Identifications - Compare Movie Length with File Length

TMM does a good job scrapping automatically movies with a correct name, but sometimes it can does a false identification.

Would be really helpfull to have a filter where you can compare IMDB/TMDB duration with Video File Duration, once the media info has been done.

That filter should include a set up to show movies which duration difference is higher than X minutes.

That way, you can afterwards review those movies manually to see if there is a false identification.
good idea, but not completely doable. There are many movies out there with different cuts/editions where the runtime differs (heavily). Most of the meta data providers just (IIRC all except imdb) only list one runtime - so the chance to get a false positive here is big..
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Hi mlaggner, 

I understand there are director's cut editions and some others, so we might have false positive for sure, but at least you can discard a lot of movies that are correct and that way, we solve most of the problem.  

Well... It was an idea that could be helpful.  I guess you have some other features to apply first, but in case you consider it interesting, it will be a good one!

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False Identifications - Compare Movie Length with File Length00
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