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Google search is totally polluted with links to "Kodi tutorials" that are aimed at encouraging piracy addons and selling VPN. Its very difficult to get links to valid and legit Kodi information from a google search anymore and official kodi forum links dont end up as the top results.

I have noticed that google has greatly curbed piracy links such as torrents etc when searching for common such keywords. Do you think it would be possible to request such a pulldown for such content as well? Just a thought.
Given the overall numbers and subsequent popularity of those tutorials, I think this situation has grown beyond our control. We all know what those tutorials are about, and what VPNs are used for. At this time, there is simply not the manpower to take down every single tutorial, knowing there will be new ones replacing them quickly.
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Renaming it Kodi was an attempt to copyright the name & prevent all this nonsense, but for whatever reason it didn't work. I'd suggest renaming it again but in 6 months you'd be back in the same boat. But you're right, a google search just throws up utter crap about 'how to fix buffering', 'how to watch free movies' and other such rubbish.

Oh and those hideous 'Builds' that look like they were created by a 5 year-old, awful fonts and garish colours, they are truly awful.

I usually use XBMC as the search term instead of Kodi, ironically that tends to throw up better search results Smile
Sad. Wish Google had like a "report" or rating kind of option for the result.
Try replacing the single word, with another with your query and most of the top results will be relevant.


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