Combined Expressions
Are Combined Expressions supported? I've got some really complex expressions that I'd like to break into small chunks.


<expression name="test1">........</expression>
<experssion name="test2">........</expression>

<expression name="final">$EXP[test1] + $EXP[test2]</expression>


Answered my own question..... Yes they are supported Big Grin
Just make sure that you wrap the entire expression in square brackets.

<expression name="exp1">[Cond1 | Cond2]</expression>
<expression name="exp2">[Cond3 + Cond4]</expression>
<expression name="exp3">!$EXP[exp1] + $EXP[exp2]</expression>

Because that will make sure that exp3 equals
![Cond1 | Cond2] + [Cond3 + Cond4]

But if you hadn't wrapped in the square brackets then you would get a very different overall condition:
!Cond1 | Cond2 + Cond3 + Cond4
Yep, that's why I asked if combining expressions was supported, I spent a couple of hours before I posted pulling my hair out wondering why it wasn't working only to realise just after posting that my sub-expressions need to be enclosed in brackets.

Thanks Big Grin
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