Problem with "Integer.*" bools
I have a widget container id 510 with static widget content.  One property on the content is the video rating that I get from  It is formatted as "n.n"  I can display the label with no problem.  But when I test it with any test such as
for example, it's always false.  Looking at the code in GUIInfoManager it seems like the string is first checked to see if it is an "nn:nn" time string and if not atoi(some_string) is called and the result tested against the supplied value.  IIUC, if for example the property value is stored as "6.7"  atoi("6.7") should return 6 as an integer and so Integer.IsGreater(this_property,0) should return true?  But I can't figure out a way to test this without running Kodi in a debugger.  I did mod the script so it returned a string that was an integer and that works, but I guess the only way to get it to work using n.n is to use String.StartsWith (works here since it only runs 0-10) but that seems sort of inelegant.

scott s.
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