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the groub Klagemauer TV od Kla TV has an addon for Kodi that is promoted on your page:

The group does not only claim that Jews steal organs as reperation for the holocaust ( but also promotes hateful content against homosexuals ( and more.

A summery is here:
A more elaborate one for German speakers is here:

I hope there is any process to remove such an add-on from your site.

If I need to put this somwhere else please let me know - I am new to this community
The "advertisement" of the add-on doesn't include any hateful text. (Although I believe you that the video content does.)

Kodi is registered in the USA (XBMC_Foundation (wiki)) which does not have a law against holocaust denial ( And I doubt that Kodi would censor this add-on, since there is no rule against its content (Add-on_rules (wiki)).

But you can try and remove the add-on by submitting a GitHub-PR to this repository:
Those videos are also available on YouTube, so if we started removing addons like this then maybe YouTube and various other addons would also have to go. Censoring content like this, despite how outrageous the content is, is not really something that Kodi should be doing, imo. Bear in mind the addon isn't installed by default, and even if it were removed a third-party could still host the addon.
I'm inclined to agree, despite the content being deeply offensive, it shouldn't be for Kodi to try to censor content in this way

I would suggest that if the videos are hosted on a platform like Youtube, that you report them if they violate the platform rules, having their videos removed and their channel de-monetised will probably do more damage to them than anything from the Kodi side
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