Linux Field report: TVMosaic as daily driver
Hi folks,

I'm a long time user of kodi for linux and used the PVR from the early beginning when it was introduced.

For a lot of years I used tvheadend as my tv backend and it is a great piece of software with a lot of functions. But for my daily needs a lot of its functionality is not needed here.
My HTPC is a simple single seat setup in the living room, no need for tv streaming and lot of other functions tvheadend provides, just some FTA TV via DVB-S2, that's it. After years I know how to configure tvheadend, but to be honest, it's really hard to set it up.

When I recently decided to completely reset the HTPC I started looking for other tvbackends for linux. I found TVMosaic which supports linux (in my case Ubuntu 18.04 & Kodi Leia). Since the free version seemed to meet my requirements, I gave it a try.

Installation - just downloaded and installed the deb package (TVMosaic v 1.0.0. Build 17707) - and setup was straight forward and - dead simple! As with any  satellite receiver I simply had to start channel scan, checked the channels I want to watch, numbered the channels (very excellent function - there is a search field for channels, no need to search through a list of thousands of channels) - and that's it. Setup took around 10 Minutes. FTA EPG is absolutely sufficient here in germany.

For some weeks now it works without any problems, and even channel switching is as fast as with tvheadend ...

So if you've got a simple HTPC setup like me there are no reasons not to use tvmosaic as your daily driver. If you want more fancy functions - tvheadend is the free swiss army knife.

So long
For more than a year I've been using TVMosaic (free license) without any hassle (Ubuntu 18.04) ... now, after DVBlogic quit the service, TVMosaic was released as opensource (

Never touch a running system, but I wanted to know, what changed. So I removed the old package (before that backup the settings) and installed the Community Edition (CE). Installation was fast and succeeded without any problems (prebuilt packages available here).

The server can be maintained at http://<ip-of-computer>:9270/web ... there you can restore the backuped settings ..

Everything runs fine again! And since the CE has the functionality of the former commercial edition, even TV Streaming now works (you can use kodi or for Android the TVMosaic app).

It's still my favorite TV Backend since it's so easy to install and maintain
Currently i am running tvmosaic (CE, replaced my licenced install) alongside tvheadend which i setup after dvblogic unfortunately went belly-up.
I really like tvm for the same reasons you mentioned plus it provides recording screenshots for the homescreen widget which i like, but still can't bring mself to remove tvheadend for main use. In the short time of using tvh i seem to have gotten used to some really nice features that tvm lacks, like better use of multiple tuners resulting in near-instant channel switches, expiration dates for recordings, server-based resume points etc.).
Still on the fence, not sure if or when I will return to using one or the other. Kodi supports multiple backends fine and integrates them beautifully. I have created channels groups for each backend for now.
In any case it is really nice to see this great piece of software released as opensource!

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Field report: TVMosaic as daily driver0
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