Any way to change "aeon madnox" "pop-out" menus issue within skin?

I didnt know where else to ask this but I use the newest "Aeon Madnox" skin for leia. I love the overall skin, but this new version seems to have an issue with many settings menus opening up as a "pop-out" menus instead of selection being able to be made inside the "quicknav" menu. This issue happens when viewing the I click on "sort by" a pop-up menu comes up to make the selection...with older version, this selection was made using the "up/down" arrows to make selection, within the side "qucknav" menu

This "pop-out menu" issue also happens during playback...the settings (Video, audio, and subtitles) menus.
A custom aspect ratio with "pixel ratio" is harder now because the pop-out menus of the video/audio/subtitles settings gets in the way of seeing the video to make my adjustments.

Same thing happens when trying to set the slider for when "subtitles offset" setting is needed. I need to see the video playing to set the subtitle timing right. The pop-up menu of the subtitle settings blocks seeing the video.

These pop-out menus used to be set to open and select the options within the qucknav during video playback.

If the option for only quicknav menu display is still available....where/what is the setting to make all major library/video playback setting menus only open and activate staying inside the "quicknav" menu using up/down selection like before?


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Any way to change "aeon madnox" "pop-out" menus issue within skin?0
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