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When running several installations of Kodi the easiest way is to run one installation and the others as portable (for the moment i have 4 Kodi installed/extracted).
When installing portable i check mark the option Do not create shortcuts so it won't override my shortcuts to my installed Kodi i have in C:\Program Files\Kodi, but if i do that it removes my existing shortcuts from Start, so now i don't have any Kodi shortcuts.

There should be an option in the installer to choose Portable were it only extract the files to the selected folder instead of messing up my existing installation by adding shortcuts and uninstaller information. It could even create a shortcut in the extracted folder with the -p to make it even easier for the user.

I have seen other program that have this option and when using portable there shouldn't be an option to add shortcuts to the Start menu and it shouldn't either remove any.

It shouldn't add it self to the Program & features (Uninstall) either because this will also mess up my existing installation. I can see it remembers my last installed/extracted Kodi when i run another version, so it seems to write to the Windows registry too.
This is a good point you make about the shortcuts. I have 18.7 & 19 nightly running on Win 10.(The nightly is the portable installation)
Each new install indeed wipes out the current shortcut and replaces it with the latest installation's shortcut.

What I did was make a new folder named Kodis under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Kodis and put my 2 shortcuts (one for each version, including the one with -p)  inside that folder. Now when an update is done, it might create a new Kodi shortcut folder (that you can safely remove but you have Kodis folder you created to use.)
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Something else i noticed is that if i browse to "E:\Utils\Kodi 19.0" and tell the installer that this is where i want it to be installed, but it will add Kodi to the path so it will be installed in "E:\Utils\Kodi 19.0\Kodi" if i don't change it before i continue.

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