Same files different access different behavior

Thanks in advance for reading this!

I have a server setup at home.

I use kodi on android tv to access the files via NFS.
my brother uses kodi on another android TV and accesses the same files on the same server via a nginx https access.

browsing the directories with a browser will display all the videos.

for some reason the https access does not enable to scrap series the same way as the internal NFS way. My brother was telling me that several series had a limited number of seasons (2 mostly) whereas I had 5 or 6.

To check this I installed kodi on a Linux pc at home and set it up with https. No matter what I do, the season 3 do not show up in the scraped series. They are visible in the videos/files part but won't get scraped.

Does this make sense?

Thanks and have a nice day!
To receive meaningful assistance you will need to provide a full debug log.

The instructions are here... debug log (wiki)

If you are using the Basic Method, then ensure the following is applied...
1.Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging,
2.Restart Kodi
3.Replicate the problem.
4.Upload the log to Kodi Paste Site manually or use the Kodi Logfile Uploader. (wiki) With either method post the link to the log back here.

If you are using the Advanced Method ensure you have correctly created and applied the advancedsettings.xml file (wiki)

In both instances, you should see the word DEBUG throughout the log.

Note: Full logs only. No partial or redacted logs
Do NOT post your logs directly into the forum. Use the Kodi Paste Site. Post the link to your pasted log in the forum
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