Multiple ratings issue
Noticed some issues with multiple ratings:

- Metascore is not in the list of preferred ratings setting.
- Score "100.0" gets always truncated due to insufficient width of rating column.
- When Rotten Tomatoes (RT) is selected as preferred rating, movies with no RT rating seem to fall back to TMDb rating for "default" in their NFO. I don't care about it much since it must be for compatibility with Kodi. But then rating column mixes up RT & TMDb rating, which makes sorting by rating column meaningless (even with different max score).
- This issue could be resolved if multiple ratings can be added to column. Then a displayed rating no longer has to be preferred (default) rating. And users don't have to constantly change their preferred rating setting (which also requires all NFOs getting updated each time) just to see them in rating column. Also all different ratings for each movie could be compared at a glance.
When entering an additional rating manually, it doesn't work if vote count is zero. You have to put some non-zero number for vote count to add the rating, and then change it to zero. Took me a while to figure this out.
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