Files Folder Missing From Pictures Menu
How do I add Pictures when there is no Files folder visible on the Pictures menu?
Kodi wiki says to add media source for pictures by following same instructions for adding video media sources except start from pictures menu instead of video menu.
But I cannot follow those instructions when there is no Files folder visible on the Pictures menu.
Instead, all my connected external hard drives are listed under Media Sources on Picture menu.
I do not understand why.
I have not defined any hard drives as Media Sources, only a few folders on those hard drives.
On Videos menu, all external hard drives are listed after the folders I've selected as Media Sources for Movies and TV shows.
When I right click on a hard drive, I can choose Remove Safely, but I don't want to unmount the drive.
That would make the files inaccessible, and the icon of the drive would remain under Media Sources.
This is very confusing.
I previously had media source for Pictures defined.
Now it's disappeared and there is no Files folder to add it back, and all hard drives are listed instead.
How do I fix this?
Can I edit Kodi app source files to fix it?
I'm using Kodi that came preinstalled on CoreElec Odroid N2.
CoreElec updated from 9.2.0 to 9.2.2 and Kodi 18.6
If I click on "Pictures" title on left, then menu opens listing all external HDs but also Picture Add-Ons and +Add Pictures, which opens to browse function that lets me select folder from HD.
I was able to add picture media source that way, and now that source shows up on Pictures Menu.
But why do all external HDs show up there as well?
And why is method of adding Pictures media source so different from wiki instructions?
If I hadn't experimented with mouse/keyboard instead of only remote and happened to click on Pictures name tab on left instead of navigating to Pictures menu items, I would never have discovered how to add pictures.

1) How can I get external HDs not to display as Pictures Media Source?
2) How can I get list of pictures from defined media source to display on Pictures menu?
I have to click on Pictures media source to open it, etc.
I don't have to do that when defining media source for Movies or TV shows.
So why do I have to click media source for Pictures?
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