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Well, after years of using Estuary (and maintaining a mod of that), I thought I'd change to a skin that I wouldn't have to mod.  And that went about as well as you would expect.  '-)

Once installed just selected the Arctic Zephyr 2 Mod (pkscout).

There is also a version of this mod for Matrix.  To use it you have to install my Matrix skin repo at:

The Matrix mod only has fixes absolutely required to get it running in Matrix and a community contributed addition of reminder and catchup PVR icons.  That includes fixes to MyVideoNav so that the images show up correctly and updated calls to scripts (Matrix depreciated the script call syntax AZ2 is using in Leia).  If you are using skin.helper.service, skin.helper.widgets, or skin.helper.backup, there is work in progress on Matrix versions of these scripts, but nothing in the Kodi repo that can be installed yet.  You're probably going to have to update some files manually.  I can't answer questions about these updates or help you install/troubleshoot them, but here are links to the pull requests for the various updates:




Known Issues:


Here are my changes from the core AZ2.

- fixed MusicOSD layout so that you can use fullest possible width of screen
- fixed case where language/studio tags where shown in 2 locations when looking at Info Dialog boxes
- fixed issue where center header would display a seemingly random number
- added PVR TV recording status widget (inspired by Estuary)
- added enhanced PVR navigation (see info below)
- added season/ep number and ep title in PVR listings detail
- added detailed PVR timer list (inspired by Estuary)
- added option to use higher contrast text in unselected widgets (skin settings > miscellaneous > use higher contrast text for unselected widgets)
- added option to include the page and item count on list pages (skin settings > library > show page and item counts on list page)
- added option for higher contrast color (in interface settings > color)
- added option for Roboto Regular font (in interface settings > font)
- added option for slightly larger Roboto Regular fonts at smallest sizes (in interface settings > font)
- made a few minor layout adjustments to deal with larger font options

Enhanced PVR navigation includes 2 items.  In the PVR Channel List OSD, you can rotate through channel groups using the left/right actions.  In the PVR Guide Listing, the back button will focus on the current channel group so you can easily change it.  These were both implemented in Arctic Horizon and back ported to this Arctic Zephyr 2 mod.

You can add the PVR TV recording status widget to any screen, but it MUST BE THE FIRST WIDGET in the list or it will not show.  Unlike the Settings and Weather widgets, you can have other widgets on the screen with the PVR TV recording status widget, they just have to be AFTER it.
Good work. I try it.
Can you help me to add this
NextAired.%d.Statuseg. 'New Series'/'Returning Series'/'Cancelled/Ended'

I want to add as in image.
I find reference here but I not able to implement.
Unfortunately I don't use the Next Aired Addon, and that's not something I touched from the original skin code.  So if it doesn't work in the original AZ2 skin, then it won't work in my mod, and I'm not in a position to add that support.
New Update Available

- added missing font names to Regular and Larger font sets
- added en_US "translations"
- fix for PVR Info Panel when episode has episode/season number but no title
- change so layout changes for font changes are automatic as needed
- change so detailed PVR list uses variable font sizes as needed
- change so all skin mods are enabled by default
I will test and verify these changes I always liked Az1 and Az2
Libreelec 9.2.1 - Kodi 18.6
Raspberry Pi 3
hello, i think this are nice improvements. i will test tonight.

a few days ago i posted/requested this in the official zephyr2 github.
maybe you can add this?
(2020-05-20, 13:06)plonster76 Wrote: hello, i think this are nice improvements. i will test tonight.

a few days ago i posted/requested this in the official zephyr2 github.
maybe you can add this?
Done.  It'll be in the next release (which will probably be today).  As with the other mods, you can disable it in the settings if you don't want that behavior.  I actually disabled it on my own setup. I only have one channel group, so the extra focus is just an extra button push for me).
I think you can ask to op to give the possibility to push your mod in the original skin because he seem are not working on it.
New Release

- added option in PVR listings to focus on channel group with back button before exiting
- added option to show season/ep number and ep title in PVR listings detail
- added mod name to vanity splash screen
- fixes for better variable font set handling
- fix so PVR widget better matches other widgets
- fix so widget header text respects DisableBrighterWidgetText setting
- fix so PVR show plots don't scroll if the plot is only two lines
- fix for bug where tag information showed in info dialogs even if not enabled in settings
- changed text for OSD option to "use long music osd" to better describe what it is
- change so that codec images now scale up if using Roboto Regular Larger font set
hi thanks for the additions, i have more channels and it works great now.

maybe this is not implemented?

onleft/right doesn't work for me.

(2020-05-21, 18:47)plonster76 Wrote: hi thanks for the additions, i have more channels and it works great now.

maybe this is not implemented?

onleft/right doesn't work for me.

I didn't implement that one.  I'll look at it, but it honestly wasn't my intent to become the mod that implements all the fixes the original author isn't going to do.  I'll make some time to reach out to jurialmunkey.  If development on Arctic Zephyr 2 really has stopped (or slowed so significantly that you can't tell the difference), then maybe we can work something out for maintenance.  The skin is something of a beast though (which might be why he started fresh with Arctic Horizon - so he could build a simpler skin with fewer options).  If I was just doing skin maintenance, most of my mods would just be core changes and not options.  This skin definitely doesn't need MORE options.
New Release

- added option to allow artwork in empty parent directories
- added ability to rotate through PVR channel groups in PVR OSD Channel display using left/right
- bundled both PVR navigation enhancements into one setting
- fixed display bug where studio/language tags were displayed in two locations
- removed redundant mod for global fallback artwork image
hi yes i agree that the skin doesn't need more options. thanks for your effort to add this functions to the PVR OSD. now i'm very happy. (and my wife :-)

i hope you can push all to the zephyr2 github.


pkscout is there a way to make these titles disappear that are ringed in pic under the movie cover?
Very nice mod. I really like having the larger Roboto font. Only thing I really wanted to make it perfect is to get the info screen when watching a PVR channel to be the same as when watching a movie or show. This was implemented in Arctic Horizon.

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