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I'm new to Kodi and this forum - so Hi to everyone.

I downloaded Kodi last week so guess I have the latest version.  

I have downloaded a couple of Subtitle Add-ons - Opensubtitles and Subscene.  So I am able to easily add subtitles and watch a subtitled movie on my PC.

I want to use Kodi to stream movies from an external hard drive to my Samsung Smart TV.  I can stream the movies but can not seem to stream the subtitles.

My question is how can I also see the subtitles on the Smart TV?

I have trawled through the forum and can't find an answer.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Question 1 would be, which file protocol are you using to stream the movies? SMB, NFS, FTP...? UPnP does not support external subtitles in all cases.
As long as the subtitles have the identical name of the video, they should be picked up.

Otherwise, provide a debug log (wiki) so we can perhaps see what goes on internally.
Hi Klojum

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.

Sorry, I am not tech savvy in the slightest.  Please can you advise me how I ascertain the file protocol I am using to stream the movies?

I downloaded Kodi from  Other than the subtitle add-ons it is in its original form.


(2020-05-22, 01:29)LeWobbler2008 Wrote: Please can you advise me how I ascertain the file protocol I am using to stream the movies?
Sorry, I must have overlooked the mentioning of the external drive. (I hear sun strokes can do that).

(2020-05-22, 01:29)LeWobbler2008 Wrote: I downloaded Kodi from
I know that site from way back when. I also thought that sometimes they packaged the installer file with their own, adding sponsored crap in them.
Next time, just download the Kodi app from our own download site.

It's possible that the subtitle add-ons are unable to store the downloaded subtitle onto the external harddrive.
Kodi's debug log (wiki) should be able to see that. If you can repeat the whole process and provide us the log file, we may see why subtitles aren't visible.
Hi Klojum

Since you last posted on this thread I have been trying different options to enable subtitles to be streamed by Kodi to my Samsung TV.

The best option that I have come up with is to hard code the subs on to the video using MKVToolNix GUI.  It's free to use and works very quickly.  

You still have the option to turn off subtitles on the TV after they have been hard coded.

MKVtoolnix does not 'hardcode' subs into a video, that's what is usually done with old DVD discs...
Now the subtitle file is added as a separate stream in the MKV container file, which is one solution to solve the subtitle problem.

Creating a batch script for this if you want to do a bunch of videos and their subs like that, is recommended.
Thread marked solved.

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