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@unfaesed I hope I can encourage you to use library rather than file view, do some more experiments. Smile
(2020-05-21, 15:06)unfaesed Wrote: Unfortunately what is available at the moment and v19 seems pretty basic and I don't think really helps me with what I'd like to do.
Smart playlists or filter type custom nodes can do quite a lot, but it is an area I am happy to see expand. We are getting near the point where almost all standard music file tag values are stored by Kodi and useable in filter rules. Also some of the non-standard values offered my Muiscbrainz like releasestatus/TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Status (eg. official, promotional, bootleg, pseudo-release) belong to the album more than the song, and as such could be additional data that scrapers pick up from Musicbrainz or NFO files (with core code and db changed to receive them).

One non-standard (e.g. not in the Id3 v2.4 tag standard or commonly used) tag that Kodi does process from scanning tags from music files is RELEASETYPE/TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Type (eg. album, single, ep, compilation, soundtrack etc). This is stored for albums and referred to in Kodi as type (the name releasetype was already being used for something else)
Quote:...only to find that <rule field="releasetype" does not work
Yes, you used the wrong field name. Try <rule field="type".

Kodi does not necessarily use the names for data that Picard UI does, which also does not match all the tag names anyway. Confusing, but the lack of consistency across systems really isn't Kodi's fault. Have a play with the smart playlist editor and look at what .xsp files it makes as a way to explore.

Picking up custom tags from music files is a feature I have flirted with a bit, but with so few users make good use of even the standard ones it went on the back burner. The equivalent of the video lib tag facility (user can "mark" videos via GUI with custom values, not same as tag reading from music files) is also a possibility, but again such data internal to Kodi only is weak IMO - a lot of user effort for little reward and "poof" it is gone.

Would love to provide a filtering facility as rich (or richer) than Foobar, however the 10ft/controlled by TV remote GUI of Kodi makes that much harder to present to the user nicely. As a data guy I want to empower the user to all the clever filtering a relational db can do, but the UI side is hard within current (and ancient) Kodi GUI engine components.

Also take a look at the music sources facility as a way to transfer any folder structure you have for your music (from using file view) into something the library can filter on. In many ways easier than tagging, you just organise your music files in a way meaningful to you, and add multiple music sources to match.

Filtering song artists that are not album artists - err, sorry no. The db can do it of course, but there is no current way to build such a filter. Using role rules gets part of the way, but the current logic (for implementing A and NOT B as SQL on role data) isn't sophistciated enough (few users would even think to get that far!). I have better as WIP, which may one day see light of day.

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