Music Artist artwork -- local files not loading
(2020-05-29, 21:12)Karellen Wrote:
(2020-05-29, 20:38)tralaralara Wrote: I set an Artist Information folder, and created subfolders for each artist using the Export function.
(2020-05-29, 20:38)tralaralara Wrote: Is it requiered to have a .nfo file for each artist too?
No, not necessary. You can have artwork without nfo files.
(2020-05-29, 20:38)tralaralara Wrote: Must the artwork files have a specific name?
Yes. I guess you have not read the guide. See here... You need the code as shown in section 2 and naming as shown in section 3

 I did read the guide, and according to it both fanart and folder images should work without the need for creating an advancedsettings.xml file.
 By exporting the Artist Library with artwork files and looking at those used I could work out which images are displayed by my skin. So I've confirmed that the only images I want to use are actually folder and fanart. It's just... they won't load!

 I've tried with "Query info for all artists" (which I believe merely reads the .nfo files)
 I've tried Artwork Options --> "Refresh (auto look up)"
 And then "Update Library"
 The images won't display. I can do it manually by going to the Artist Info and using the "Choose Art" option, that works, but sorting out hundreds of artists one by one isn't an option, shouldn't be necessary.

 So what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help

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