Music Artist artwork -- local files not loading
I have always used fanart.jpg and folder.jpg for artists, at least since Eden/Frodo when .tbn files went away.  I believe only jpg and png files work.

Keep in mind that "Query info for all artists" works just like an initial scan/scrape, but only if the artist hasn't been scraped in the library yet -- nfo files are used if they exist, otherwise the designated artist scraper and scraper settings.  Same thing for "update library" -- only scrapes if new music files are found that contain a new (unscraped previously) artist.

Artwork Options --> "Refresh (auto look up)"  is a music context menu item from addon skin.helper.service.  I don't use that addon so not sure what it does.  I use the artwork beef addon myself.

update:  so I had a look around the skin helper service.  It appears to be looking for the following filenames:
for item in files:
            item = item.decode("utf-8")
            if item in ["banner.jpg", "clearart.png", "poster.png", "fanart.jpg", "landscape.jpg"]:
                key = item.split(".")[0]
                artwork[key] = folderpath + item
            elif item == "logo.png":
                artwork["clearlogo"] = folderpath + item
            elif item == "folder.jpg":
                artwork["thumb"] = folderpath + item

so only fanart.jpg and folder.jpg would be found (assuming you don't have the other local file arttypes).

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Leia see: 304472

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