Music Artist artwork -- local files not loading
(2020-05-29, 20:38)tralaralara Wrote: Hello

 I hope someone can help, I've been battling with this for a while and I can't figure it out. The issue: I can't get local artwork files for music artists to load.

 I have mostly obscure / not so popular artists in my library, most of the times the scraper will not find any artwork for them online, thus I rely on having my own local files. I set an Artist Information folder, and created subfolders for each artist using the Export function. I put artwork files (mostly in jpeg, some tif) in the folders, but they don't get displayed in the artist information. I can manually set them, but if I refresh the artist information (for individual artist, or using the "Query information for all artists" option -- it doesn't make a difference) the images don't display.

 - Is it requiered to have a .nfo file for each artist too? I assume I can have artwork files without an .nfo file.
 - Must the artwork files have a specific name? I've tried with random filenames, but also with thumb.jpg folder.jpg fanart.jpeg and such , all to no avail.

 What's the right procedure? What am I missing?

 Thanks in advance, and apologies if this is too dumb of a question!

I was also in your situation and very frustrated.  After some trial and error, I've found a workaround.  There may be some other ways, but I am offering you what works for me.

To make it work, you need.
1. Set up Artist Information Folder correctly.  You need to give Kodi permission to write to that folder.
2. Use Artist Slideshow
3. Use a Skin that enables Artist Slideshow.  I've tried pkscout's Estuary Mod for Kodi 18 (Leia) and Estuary MOD V2 - KODI 18.  The first one is pretty straight forward.  The second one is kinda tricky, but both work.
4. Tag your music files correctly especially "Performer" tag.

When you play music, Kodi will create a folder of the artist name under Artist Information Folder.  Then you just add pictures into that folder using filenames fanart1.jpg, fanart2.jpg, fanart3.jpg.......

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