TMM to scrape multiple Rating sources
(2020-06-27, 22:59)Shredder_guitar Wrote:
(2020-06-27, 20:04)CK77 Wrote:
(2020-06-27, 16:40)Shredder_guitar Wrote: I don't have the option to set omdb as a scraper for ratings. What version are you using? I either TMDB, IMDB, rotten tomatoes, or Metacritic...There are the "Also Get" options...but the only results i get are what has been set from the "Get Ratings from " Option
I'm using version 3.1.6
I've just had another look and maybe i should have been more clear, it's the Universal Movie Scraper from tmm.

Ok so that seems to have worked and gets me MOST of the way there, but theres a couple tags that it's not getting from rotten tomatoes that someone I think had previously mentioned 
the two tags listed below seem to not be available to scrape. It does however scrape a rotten tomatoes tag, but kodi doesn't recognize it upon loading the DB. So this gets me 80% of the way there, but not quite. Thank you for your help up to this point 

        <rating name="tomatometerallcritics" max="10">
        <rating name="tomatometerallaudience" max="10">

Are you doing this to make sure your skin in kodi picks up all ratings?
If so, i looked into that and it seems that most skins in Kodi don't actually use a lot of the ratings in the DB, usually they use SHS to retrieve those ratings and store that info in the simplecache DB.

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