TMM to scrape multiple Rating sources
(2020-08-02, 15:04)Shredder_guitar Wrote:
(2020-08-01, 14:31)Pdubbbs Wrote:
(2020-07-31, 18:45)Shredder_guitar Wrote: you CAAAANNNNN break the artwork out into a seperate folder...thought about doing that myself....but you would need to tell the scraper where the artwork is and to also put the new artwork there. I chose not to do this because it adds an extra layer of complexity to my already seemingly over complicated environment. I'm not even going to begin to breakdown the process i go through for what a single movie goes through from start to finish... but i will tell you that i have it completely automated to the point where i can walk away from it and the most i have to do is chose the movies i want. 

i enjoy seeing the color cases...kinda like being at a physical movie rental store, I primarily use the cases and the tags at the bottom of the screen to identify the characteristics of the movie im going to watch 

If you are wanting to do movie sets, you DO have to break out the artwork into a seperate directory and tell artwork beef where it is 

If you use the Aeon MQ8 mod skin, you can get results like this which is the fruit of scraping proper data 
Thanks for sharing you're set up, thats pretty impressive. I have 90% of my movies in cold storage, trying to preserve the life of the hard drives as long as possible, if that is even possible, but I will try it this way and see if I can get 10 years out of them versus the standard 5 years. So I just have a temporary HDD with around 100 movies loaded into kodi, then I just delete them as I watch them, keep the good ones and transfer to cold storage once a month, rinse and repeat, but it sure would be nice to have the entire 3K+ movie collection loaded into kodi and being able to watch any movie you feel like.
I hope you automate that...that sounds like a lot of extra work. But to be fair, to each their own. If that works for you, good on ya. I'm far to busy for that amount of granularity with data migration. I'm super close to getting my entire media collection to the point where i can walk away from it completely, movies, music, tv shows, video games, all of it. And finally just enjoy what i've built (hopefully)....................then when it breaks i'll have to learn what i did all over again lmao! ahhhhh the cycle.
Im not sure if it really is possible to automate my process, always thought that really only makes when all systems are online 24/7. I have to manually select what I want to keep or delete, after I watched it either way, and then once a month I connect my offline external hdd, and copy the folder with keeper movies to it. Been doing this for 10 years,  I have only gotten kodi in the last year, so up until then, I would select what to watch from a folder of files, and manually rename each file. So TMM,Kodi, has already been quite a gamechanger. Today I start scraping and renaming my entire collection with tmm, HDD 1/6 here we go!

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