Best network protocol for KODI to externally access a Synology NAS
The IP address shown should be the public IP address of whatever is supporting your network. If it's the home network then it will be your home router, if it's the cellphone then it will be the cellphone's IP address on the ad-hoc network it sets up as a hotspot.

So when you're at home, all the devices that are on your home network should show the public address of your home router.

When you're at the cabin then it should show the public IP address of the cabin's router (or whatever is providing the network there).

But when you connect from outside your home back to it via the VPN then you're essentially connecting your PC to your home network (if everything works properly), so the IP address shown should change from the IP address of whatever is providing the original network to the IP address of your home router, as your connection to the internet is now being routed via the VPN tunnel to your VPN server, and from that onto your home network and out to the internet through your home router.

As I'm here I'll have a quick clean-up of the thread, and also move it to off-topic as this is becoming a VPN tutorial rather than anything Kodi related.
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Best network protocol for KODI to externally access a Synology NAS0
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