M3u file with VOD url. How to get movie information?
Hello there, 

Is there any option to get movie information when you are using an m3u file that has movies' url?

Something similar as when you add a new video source and use an information provider as "Universal movie Scapper" to get all the movie information based on the name of the file.

For instance if my M3u file has this entry:

#EXTINF:-1,[REC] (2007) (Horror; Mystery; Thriller)

I would like to be able to search on the "Universal movie Scapper" database all the information about movie "[REC] (2007) (Horror; Mystery; Thriller)".

My m3u file also has a Url behind, that I store in Google drive.

I did a temporary solution, create my one EPG data for these movies, but at the end this is not so accurate as is using "Universal movie Scapper" database or any other movie database that it's updated in real time.

I have read several forums about scraper, strm files and things like that, but at the end is such work that I prefer my own EPG data if there isn’t any other easiest option.

If it is not clear, please tell me.

If you use XMLTV data I think that supports an IMDB url.
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For what I have read, XMLTV is the same thing that I did with my own EPG file with movies data. (I already did that).

What I want is that the data be download directly from add-on "Universal movie Scapper" or any other provider information add-on.

Thanks anyway.
(2020-06-15, 08:13)Iluso Wrote: For what I have read, XMLTV is the same thing that I did with my own EPG file with movies data. (I already did that).

What I want is that the data be download directly from add-on "Universal movie Scapper" or any other provider information add-on.

Thanks anyway.

I am having the same question but a slightly different reason. I have a lot of home movies that i want to add descriptions to in a file and then when i go to the movies tab, be able to see descriptions of them. Like "Vegas-2020.mp4: Vegas 2020 - Family trip to Vegas in March 2020. Shows, Roller Coasters, Gambling, Weird Party". Then when I highlight it, i see the description. like what happens with IMDB on movies I have on my hard drive. With the SimpleIPTV add-on, I only get 1 EPG to add which works for the liveTV entries, but I want to get everything into a single EPG (Live TV, Movies, and Home Movies). How are you generating your EPG file if i may ask? Do i have to have <channel ...>...</channel> .... <programme ...> ...</programme> with channel listings at the top and program info at the bottom or can my epg have like channel, program, channel, program? Right now I am just writing a perl script to get the EPG, parsing out the TV information, then going to pull in and parse a list of home movie files and descriptions to attach to them. I think it should work, but since you are already creating an EPG yourself, I wanted to ask the master.
Hello Danuber2004, 

Sorry the delay I don't come here too much.

Yes, I did an EPG xml list with all the movies:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tv generator-info-name="WebGrab+Plus/w MDB REX Postprocess -- version V2.1.11.0 -- Jan van Straaten" generator-info-url="http://www.webgrabplus.com">
<channel id="Z1000">
<display-name>[REC] (2007) (Horror; Mystery; Thriller)</display-name>
<programme start="20200101000000" stop="99991231235900" channel="Z1000">
<title>(+18) 85min. IMDB rate:7,4.</title>
<desc>Argumento: Cada noche, Ángela (Manuela Velasco), una joven reportera de una televisión local, sigue con su cámara a un grupo profesional distinto. Esta noche le toca entrevistar a los bomberos y tiene la secreta esperanza de poder asistir en directo a un impactante incendio. Pero la noche transcurre tranquilamente. Y cuando, por fin, reciben la llamada de una anciana que se ha quedado encerrada en su casa, no le queda otro remedio que seguirlos durante la misión de rescate. En el edificio donde vive la anciana, los vecinos están muy asustados. La mujer, encerrada en su piso, lanza unos gritos desgarradores... Los bomberos derriban la puerta y, seguidos por Ángela y el cámara, encuentran a la anciana semiinconsciente, rodeada por decenas de gatos. De pronto, la mujer se lanza sobre un bombero y le muerde salvajemente. Es sólo el comienzo de una larga pesadilla y de un dramático reportaje único.. 
Categoria: Horror, Mystery, Thriller. 
Director: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza. 
Año: 2007. 
País: Spain.</desc>
<category>Horror, Mystery, Thriller</category>
<icon src="http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/tByAcVlUapLjTqdIWkz0QbFqYhS.jpg"/>

It's important the programme start="20200101000000" stop="99991231235900". You will find out why. Wink

Then I compress this EPG file on a Gzip file, loaded it on my Google Drive space and got a Link to share it. That link I added to all the apps that I use to see IPTV, like Kodi with IPTV Merge or android app "IPTV" from Alexander Sofronov.

I had this working before on Kodi 18. A combination of two addons can be used M3u movie file links.

PlaylistLoader and Library Integration tool are the two addons in question.
I cant remember the exact steps but mainly its adding a M3u playlist to PlayListLoader and then, using Library Integration tool navigate to the M3u node in PlayListLoader, this will add the links
to your kodi library, kodi will see them as movie files.

The movie names need to be fairly exact for the scaping to succeed, I think something like "movie_name [Date]"

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M3u file with VOD url. How to get movie information?0
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