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Announcement thread: Aeon ALPHA14
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DOWNLOAD: Aeon ALPHA14 (July 29th 2008)


That last backdrop pack that everyone keeps asking about:

Quote:The Alpha13b update has introduced the ability to choose icon sets on a globally-applied basis. To begin with, two icon sets are available. It's important to note that this is not a feature wholly supported by XBMC, and there are certain "hard-coded" icons that can't be changed. For that reason, you'll notice certain inconsistencies in which icons are used when browsing windows such as the Music Library (though not files) and system screens like the file browser. The icons also only cover the basic media types like Movies, Music and TV. This is very early and experimental feature - please be patient.

Quote:Notes for ALPHA13a:

- transitions to and from the Home page have been tweaked considerably
- dodgy "I" in Acens font has been corrected
- Settings menus rearranged following the removal of View Types. All View Type customisation is now handled via the menu option (either the media pane menu or the shutdown menu) in each window
- Cast info added to Movie Info screen (however, you can't cross-reference actors by clicking on them yet)
- Wall info defaults to off
- tweaks to Showcase views (episode view is a little cramped at the moment - will correct for next version)
- yet another new font and various associated tweaks

Quote:Things to note:

- the Core panels for Aeon System and XBMC System, together with the Viewing Habits tab, are entirely placeholder. I don't want bug reports.
- Wall view info is very temperamental at the moment. The options to turn it off (which I'd recommend, tbh) are on the menus for Pictures and Videos. I'll soon be culling lots of Aeon Settings menu options as they're moved out to the relevant screens. View types will be first.
- there's a new compatibility mode for Asus eeePCs
- Xbox mode has been extended to a much wider range of textures
- stuff got fixed

You need to reset your Aeon settings for this one. Don't come crying if you keep them and end up with memory problems.

Quote:This Alpha12 version of Aeon has changed radically, throwing away the old sliding panels for the sake of a more traditional system of context menus and dialogs. Many dialogs have been completely redesigned, while the new button menu means you can access many settings and customisation options from anywhere in the Aeon environment. Furthermore, the streamlining of textures means the skin's footprint has shrunk, removing the previous need for MacOSX compatibility mode. Glitches and bugs, however, are inevitable given the circumstances. See below for some known issues.

Xbox users must ensure they're running the latest T3CH build to enjoy this latest version, and should then ensure the new Xbox mode (available via the Aeon->Features menu) is enabled; 1080p textures and seven year old consoles don't play well together. For that reason, any backdrops from the Aeon website should be resized to 720p or lower to avoid out-of-memory issues.

Here are some known issues with this build:

- Button menu (aka Shutdown menu) may refuse to open after a while.
The cause of this is unknown: it could be skin or XBMC-related
- Several animation/timing glitches in Showcase and Episode views
- Music/Music Video info needs attention
- Some dialogs remain unskinned (but are usable)
- File Manager is unusable
- Music OSD is a bit messed up
- Music Visualisation settings are unusable
- Plenty of minor glitches scattered here and there
- View types option does nothing on windows to which it
doesn't apply
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