Using the Raspi as a router
Hi everyone,

I am trying to set up my raspberry pi to act as a router. 
The set up is the following:
- The Raspi receives its connection to the internet through Ethernet, with a static IP address setting. The subnet mask for this connection is (not that it should matter too much, but just in case)
- I have set up my Raspi to act as a wireless acce point by following this guide: [url][/url]
- I have 4-5 devices that connect to the Wifi network generated by the Raspberry Pi.

Once set up, the WiFI access point works for maybe a minute or two. Then, devices connected lose access to the internet, and if they disconnect from the wifi, they cannot reconnect.

I would like to know if anyone has either a solution for this issue, or a method for me to understand what is going on. For example, are there system logs I can look at to understand what is going on?
Thanks everyone for the help  Big Grin
@barth95 this forum is not a general Pi support forum. We are only for the Kodi application.

You would be better asking your question on the general Raspberry Pi Foundation forums, or just look through there as there are existing threads and topics on the subject.

Thread moved to off-topic.
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Using the Raspi as a router0
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