[split] Wavpack DSD files show wrong duration
Not 100% the best thread to follow up, so please split if appropriate, thanks!

Starting from Matrix nightly 20200622-c9847530 the new ffmpeg has been incorporated and it finally brings support for lossless compressed DSD in WAVPACK (.wv). I've already tried this for 2.0 and 5.1 files and it works nicely. APEv2 metadata is read correctly which is another bonus over .dsf and its use of ID3v2.

However, track lengths for WAVPACK/DSD are off at the moment by factor 4, meaning the lengths is shown as 4 times the actual value. Not sure if this is something that can be corrected in KODI or if an issue needs to be raised at the ffmpeg source (please God no)...

If needed, I can supply a suitable file.
No, the duration of the file is determined by taglib not ffmpeg.  However, mediainfo reports the same length as Kodi does


To me, that suggests it's something to do with the metadata in the file rather than the software reading it. @HeresJohnny Do you have any software that does show the correct length?


I have raised it as an issue with taglib so hopefully it will get looked at.
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Foobar2000 reports the track lengths correctly. You need to have both SACD and Wavpack plugins installed.

The problem might be that some software is too clever. Wavpack keeps a copy of the full ID3v2 tags of the original .dsf file so it can be unpacked to its previous state. However, Wavpack also supports apev2 tags which I think were present in that file. Might be a case of conflicting information. As far as I remeber, Maxim, the developer of the foobar2000 SACD plugin struggled with WAVPACK for a while, too, before he resolved the conflicts. His solution was to simply pass what Wavpack read from the file to the SACD plugin.
I created the wavpack myself from the dsd file you supplied and then tagged it with ape tags using picard.  It may well be that taglib is getting 'confused' by the presence of both ID3v2 and APE tags but that is down to them to sort.  I have raised it as an issue with them (see my edit above).
Learning Linux the hard way !!
Thanks! If I remember correctly, there was a similar issue when @spiff created an SACD ISO reader back in 2018.

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[split] Wavpack DSD files show wrong duration0
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