Server for kodi with multi threaded streaming?

currently I use plex, it works on tv, no kodi needed, but i'm having trouble with connectivity to it, mostly 4k bluray is an issue, as single connection speed tops at 50mbits or so. But if I try to test with 10 threads I max out my internet connection (well, mostly, but it does not go under 150mbit)

I looked at emby and jellyfin and none support multi threaded stream

What is your setup?
(2020-06-30, 02:42)evlo Wrote: support multi threaded stream
You didn't mention what you are trying to achieve, so I gather Kodi is not needed?
(2020-06-30, 02:42)evlo Wrote: no kodi needed, but i'm having trouble with connectivity
But you want to connect with Kodi? Are you trying to record multiple channels simultaneously, or are you try to deliver a service to multiple head-ends? Sounds like a networking issue, perhaps multiple android boxes might suffice?
trying to achieve:
4k bluray playback from server without buffering
(2020-06-30, 22:54)evlo Wrote: 4k bluray playback from server without buffering
Do I understand correctly, you have blu-ray playback locally but not from a remote server? Networking issue? Perhaps one of the specific support forums is a better fit for this post?  What o/s system are you using? A proper debug log goes a long way around here.Log file/Advanced (wiki) along with a short description of your hardware, gfx cpu and connections.
I think it is quite common issue, in my research anyone anywhere in the world experiences same behaviour I can only get gigabit connections to another datacenters using single thread, to homes multi thread is always necessary.
So I'm looking for a way to stream from server using parallel connections, usually kodi is best at compatibility stuff etc.

If it is possible in Kodi how to set it up - ie. what to use as a server?
Questions in post #4 need to be satisfied, I'm not connecting the dots, Syncing and sharing (wiki)
As I already wrote in my first post not emby, nor plex support multi threaded streaming.
Normally this kind of post might turn up in the hardware forum, not the general Kodi related discussion group, but I see your narrative is not Kodi specific, but leans towards the server and PVR 'other community' at large, and with that, I'll move this thread to 'Off-Topic' should there be someone there to offer guidance.

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