Kodi 19: Migrating old addon and Configure button disabled ...
I'm trying to migrate an addon to Kodi 19 and it kind of works, but for some reason the Configure menu disappeared:
Documentation is a bit meagre and I've found a reason by comparing with other Kodi 19 addons installed.

I see nothing untoward in the debug log:

03 18:18:39.088 T:18125    INFO <general>: CAddonMgr::FindAddons: script.audio.musicip v0.2 installed
2020-07-03 18:42:44.449 T:18427   DEBUG <general>: LocalizeStrings: loaded 15 strings from file /home/user/.kodi/addons/script.audio.musicip/resources/language/resource.language.en_gb/strings.po
2020-07-03 18:43:20.712 T:18427   DEBUG <CAddonSettings[script.audio.musicip]>: loading setting definitions

wondering what disables the Configure button. It was showing when I had a strings.xml. I removed it in favour of a strings.po as the Configure screen displayed nothing. And now I can't access the Settings at all. I'll keep poking around I guess, but if anyone has an idea way the Configure button. The addon is running fine BTW but for some reason the Configure button id disabled.
OK, I found a working addon. I worked step by step experimentation and discovered two simple facts. I had modified my settings.xml following this wiki page:


alas, including a section tag or a group tag, breaks it silently and Kodi won't use it. The section tag kills all settings and the Configure button ends up disabled. Group tags disable the category in which they appear and it won't appear, again, silently.

Dear me.

if someone can clarify why Kodi 19 addon migration is described above very tersely but clearly with a section and group tag when they don't work I'd be pleased.
And, I found out why! Aaargh. Pulling my hair out. The settings need to be explicitly attributed version="1".

Otherwise the <section> tag is ignored. I amended the wiki text to be explicitly clear about that.
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Kodi 19: Migrating old addon and Configure button disabled ...0
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