Kodi 19: Addon not loading icon
My next bizarre issue in migrating an addon to Kodi 19. The icon does not render.

Again I am stuck as debug logging reveals nothing, and I can find no way to diagnose more deeply.

I have compared the addon.xml with another addon that has an icon and they are identical:


I have even tried this:
  1. Put the icon from the working addon into my addon's resource folder. Still no luck, not even on a kodi restart. No icon for my addon.
  2. Replace the icon in the working addon with another image. NO luck. I cannot for love or money, not even restating kodi, get this working addon to change its icon.
From 2. I'm assuming kodi has these icons cached somehow and isn't loading after the addon is registered.

To wit, I may need to deregister the addon and reregister it to refresh icon imagry.

But how?

I tried this:
  1. Move both addons (the one with an icon, and mine without one) out of the addons folder (to somewhere else)
  2. Restart Kodi. Confirmed neither addon is visible in Kodi. Tick.
  3. Move them back (the one with working icon, with a different icon.png image)
  4. Restart Kodi. The working addon still has its original icon, even though icon.png is a different image. And my addon still has no icon.
There is some black magic at work here, and the biggest frustration is lack of diagnostics in the debug log that convey when icon.png is loaded and whether or not it succeeded etc.

Any insights here appreciated.
The support section is for existing addons. This kind of thread is better in the addon development section, as it will get the more appropriate audience to offer assistance.

I'll move it (and the other similar threads you've posted) there.
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Thanks kindly! Didn't spot that section! On a learning curve.
sounds indeed like a caching issue.

perhaps this wiki article will provide some clarity on how image caching works in kodi:
in point #5 you'll find instructions on how to refresh a cached addon icon.
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@ronie, thanks enormously. That indeed fixed it! I had a strong feeling caching was at play but I'd searched the web endlessly about Kodi caching and did not find those links.

Using the one-liner sqllite query I finally got the cache cleared of that icon, and got the working addon loading a new icon. That is proof of concept that the icon file itself is working. Alas when I reference it as an asset in my new addon it does not load and I am still bamboozled for lack of debugging info as to why.

I wonder (and will search for it) if I can raise the log level to the point where parsing of the addon.xml file is revealed and I can see any errors that may be preventing the asset declaration being respected.

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Kodi 19: Addon not loading icon0
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