Animes with Specials NFO files
So I've been trying to get some of my locally stored anime to display right in Kodi.
Read through the relevant NFO setup pages on the Kodi wiki, and have got regular episodes dislplaying fine, I'm using the naming structure

Folder Name: Anime Show
Episode Name: Anime Show - ep1, Anime Show - ep2, etc

Now on my reading up of adding in Special Episodes I've added the <displayseason> and <displayepisode> into the NFO file, but this didn't work.
Reading through it states that Special Epiisodes must have the name TVShow - S00EXX
I've tried changing the name of the nfo file and playback fle to accomidate this but it didnt work, I've also tried renaming the rest of the episodes to be S01EXX but this also didn't work

The NFO I'm currently using is below, not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    <title>The All Magic Knights Thanksgiving Festa</title>
    <plot>Jump Festa Special</plot>
    <thumb>C:\Users\poopy\Desktop\library\Black Clover\Black Clover - S00E01.strm</thumb>
    <path>C:\Users\poopy\Desktop\library\Black Clover</path>
    <filenameandpath>C:\Users\poopy\Desktop\library\Black Clover\Black Clover - S00E01.strm</filenameandpath>
    <basepath>C:\Users\poopy\Desktop\library\Black Clover\Black Clover - S00E01.strm</basepath>
    <uniqueid type="unknown" default="true">274357</uniqueid>
        <thumb>C:\Users\poopy\Desktop\library\Black Clover\Thumbs\Black Clover - S00E01.jpg</thumb>

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Animes with Specials NFO files0
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