Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-08-16, 15:20)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-08-16, 12:57)nazim12 Wrote: @AchillesPunks   Can you sort out my two problems ?

Firstly when we are in search section and went through suggested playlist let say Blockbuster Movies ( See pic ) , it could only show 100 movies results what if i want to extend limit of results ? I think something set to 100 search results only ,  this bother me a lot , remember i have set my widget limits to 1500 but this does not apply on search section result lists .


Secondly ,  I need a little more bigger Clear Logos size , how can resize with my personal preferences ?

If you want the playlists used in the search suggestion, just set them as widgets.  Considering you can have 8 widgets per hub there's at least 40 widgets on the homescreen you can use without even adding more hubs.

Your second question isn't that straight forward.  The current size of logos (the latest version) is the optimum large size logo.  The problem with making it bigger isn't the width but the height increase will cause issues. Increasing further will push down the details row, sublabel, plot text, more info section etc until text start going missing.

Even if it doesn't, the logo designs themselves will in most cases make the layout must worse! This again is a height issue because unless the clearlogo design fills out it's full height allowance (of which case most do not) all your doing is increasing the empty space between the top of the screen, the clearlogo and the rest of the rest of the details. 

Here's a clearlogo that fills it's whole height space: 


Here's a more typical one that doesn't fill it's height space (and in may cases it fills it's height space much less than this!):


If you increase the size of the clearlogo further you're also increasing the empty space above and below the clearlogo just for minimal benefit. And there's nothing that can done to solve this with changes in the skin, it's just the difference in clearlogo designs that can't be accounted for.

Anyway, if you don't want heed my advice here it is:

Line 1730 (or somewhere very near)              <height>250</height> 

Increase this value if you want.
Thanks Clear Logo size increased up to height 275 according to my TV size taste.
and secondly i have already set Home & Hub widgets to maximum rows around total 50 , but my question were not about Home & Hub limit , I want search engine inside to display suggested playlist results more then default (100) because it looks awesome to surf through all categories there , i have more then 10000 movies and shows in Library not a single movie or show missed so i have my personal Tag playlists which are bound to show only 100 results for now .


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