Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-11-03, 02:18)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-11-02, 17:37)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-11-02, 10:32)mathu204 Wrote: Hello, first of all; great skin thank you and everyone involved in this and the previous iterations of this skin for working on this and making this beautiful skin. With that out of the way i am about to bombard you with some questions sorry, I really hope you or someone can help answer most of them. Again, thank you for this great skin, I just switched over from Auramod to just play around and test but I still need to figure out the nooks and crannies of this skin.

Anyways here is an imgur link for reference for my questions https://imgur.com/a/tynG1dT

Image 1: The White box around the poster is not placed correctly not sure why this happened it came when i set up the skin from the beginning and I have not been able to fix it since.

Images 2 and 3: I am trying to get the Season and Episode view to show up as the one in "The Flash" from your example in the pinned post where on the left it shows seasons one through 6, and on the right it is the bingie episode view. I achieved this in Auramod, however here I cannot; enabling the bingie episode view on season level leads to Image 2 where it shows the Seasons as episodes, and Image 3 enabling it in Episode list is how it should look, except it is only for that specific season, I would like to make it show the other seasons below and above the season im in on the left.

Image 4: When I go into one of my video sources, it feels like the skin does not use all the space available like there is a black indent at the bottom and at the top, is this how it is by design? If so then alright.

Last Question: when i watched this video the resolution and posters look bigger im not sure if this is just me being dumb or not, but i feel the resolution in my build doesnt look as clean and is not as big as i want it to, again not sure if this is by design, or im just incorrect and they are the same, or there are settings to change poster/landscape picture sizes. "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4DF23TONug" video in question

Image 1:  OK this was from a fresh install? This appears to be a bug. Your widget position is lower then they should be, it should be where the frame is.  We need to investigate this. Not related but in your homescreen layout settings, turn off "enable fixed frame in home & hubs".  At least then the frame should move to the lower position widgets.

@AchillesPunks Any ideas? I can recreate this by resetting to default.  I get the empty keyboard looking thing, the skin defaults to fixed frame (which we should change) and the widget position is wrong.

Image 2 & 3: This seems to be related to a video addon.  Episode view works perfectly for library.  Not sure about video add-ons.  Try to find a "flatten season view" setting in your addon.  You may not get the lefthand season "list" but you should get all season episodes in the righthand episode list, with the lefthand season name changing accordingly as you scroll.

Image 4: This is a "view Type" which you currently set to bingie landscape. Bingie landscape and bingie poster view are the 2 "netflix views" that sort of recreate the homescreen view but are not exactly the same.  Your picture is missing the spotlight but I pressume it's because your widget is not focussed on a video.

Last question: Can't really comment on your resolution but it looks fine from the pictures you posted.  The homescreen poster size in your build is the exact same size as is the homescreen poster size in the linked video. The homescreen poster size is not the same as the viewtype "Bingie Main Poster" size (found in library views and addons) so maybe that's where you're confused? 

However, there are other noticable differences in the video.  The video is an older build with a larger fanart inside the spotlight. We changed it to match Netflix so the whole fanart is visible inside the spotlight (but I've been thinking of trying to bring the old version back as an option).  In the older build we did also implement larger clearlogos  to try and match Netflix's width but we changed it back to match Netflix height instead (because you can't do both with the default scraped clearlogos aspect ratio) in order to keep the rest of the layout intact.
Image 1 is from a fresh install yes, i even fresh installed a second time. I noticed this if it might be of help to you; I didnt use the set up guide or whatever so when i loaded in for the first time the only widget that loaded was the category widget which wasnt a poster aspect it was more rectangular, but the white postrer sized box was still around it this was when i first noticed somethign was up.

Okay thank you i will set a spotlight to try and fix it, im using this on a laptop but the resolution is still kinda wierd im not sure how to explain it but it looks much clearer on arctic horizon or auramod, when i look at the back button i can even see it pixelated around the edges and stuff. About the other things alright thank you for answering everything.

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