Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-11-23, 16:13)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-11-23, 14:53)cscott1 Wrote:
(2020-11-23, 14:22)HugoL Wrote: So can you confirm you entered the correct API's in your addon and also played a new (non cached) item like I asked?

Regarding Top250 for shows, as I said, I think this info comes from skinhelper rather than scraper.  I also use the default TVDB scraper and I don't think it scrapes this info. Can you confirm you think you are focussed on a TOP250 show? If so and it's still not showing, maybe try updating from Cartman's repository to make sure you have the right skin helper dependencies.
The apis are added correctly but that addon I use is no longer being developed so it may be partially broken, who knows. I was hoping the art was pulled from my library folders which it is or at least seems to be for the ones I manually added just doesnt make sense to me but there is a lot of stuff that doesnt make sense looking at the code is overwhelming to me. yeah ill try updating all of cartmans old stuff see if it helps thanks. Im 100% that I have most of the top 250 tv shows in my library.
I think you're talking about your integration addon.  I'm talking about your source addon (the one you have a shortcut to, I noticed in your YouTube videos!).

Regarding top250 tv shows, check your skin settings>Details Options>Top 250 sublabel on Home and Library Views,  double check on the IMDB website for Top 250 TV, and then locate a top 250 TV title in your library.  Can't think of any good reason why it wouldn't work for you unless you skin helper dependency is not working.

The integrated addon and the source addon are one in the same. All but one of my widgets point to my library where the addon is integrated and I'm able to use artwork beef to pick my artwork and the one to the addon that plays new movies it is the same addon it is just not integrated into my library because that widget is constantly being updated with new material if that makes sense. The artwork is lacking in comparison to what you can do with your library tho. but regardless nether my library items or the items that points directly to the addon neither show the clearlogo on the OSD unless I manually added the clearlogo to the library folder. The extended info view with poster in the OSD works so IDK.
Running Leia Titan Bingie Mod skin on Nvidia Shield to Vizio 50in HD TV in living room. Same setup on Xiaomi Mi boxes in my bedroom and home gym. Same setup in camper with a 24in tv, Google Pixel 3a Android 10 cell phone. Kodi and Plex Server Dell Inspirion 5575 Ryzen 5 HTPC Windows 10 with 5TB external HDD

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