Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-12-07, 02:20)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-12-07, 01:03)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-12-06, 12:53)HugoL Wrote: 2. That’s the sublabel. Cartman created the logic for “watch season xx” for the tv show sublabel. I just added the top250 to replace it in instances where there is a top250 item.

It seems you want something to permanently be available as a sublabel but I think it’s ok as is. It gives the impression of homescreen being a bit more dynamic. Sometimes there’s a sublabel, sometimes there isn’t, just like Netlix.

3. Yes, this one’s possible. I did keep it in the footer to make the footer a little more detailed, otherwise you’re viewing a very short footer but as you say, it’s redundant info.

4. Currently, the only way to display categories widget properly (with fixed focus and poster layout) is to temporarily switch off fixed focus in order to change widget layouts individually, switch the categories widget to landscape, switch fixed focus back on.

Also need to make sure fixed frame is off and the landscape categories widget is your very last widget (or you’ll run into problems).

I’ve just removed mine completely as I prefer to use fixed frame.

5. If I can ever figure out how to implement tmdb helper. Don’t think skinhelper has this info

6. No.

so to number 2, i assume u mean by cartman set up season XX logic, if i am on season 5 it should show up? How can I make this appear, and yes I agree it does look nice when switching but sometimes I feel like there is extra space left behind, it would be nice if maybe an extra line of plot could appear when no sublabel appears then it would kinda solve that for me. 

for 3. If u can set it up, please leave top250 enabled for episodes since the sublabel doesnt appear on episodes, thats the only time it isnt redundant.

to 4. Then alright, ill just remove it until fixed frame is fixed.

5. Alright thanks, Ill wait for that 

and to 6. Damn okay, is that something U will ever plan on adding as i do belive TMDB has TV Show ratings.

and to number 1. again sorry im a noob a screenshot highlighting what I have to change would be nice Smile

Not sure on the watch season xx logic. I never dived that deeply into it. I think it’s a combination of factors like whether an item has multiple season seasons, when the last season was added, what’s stored in your database for progress. Dunno.

Regarding TMDB ratings for TV shows, if skin helper can pick can’t pick them up (which it seems, it can’t) there’s not much I can do. Maybe TMDB helper can retrieve this somehow, no idea if it does or it doesn’t and I don’t know how to implement that damn thing anyway.

Regarding the poster sizes, it requires edits spanning multiple xmls, not only adjusting your poster sizes but then having to adjust your fixed focus position and your frame too probably. Don’t really fancy getting into that right now to be honest.

completely understandable on the last point my friend, thats all i needed to hear its not the end of the world haha and you guys do so much for this skin already. Regarding the other 2, alright thanks for the info. Regarding your middle point, Jurialmonkey, Serpentdrago who worked on Auramod, are really involved in the TMDBHelper aspect and skinning part of the community I have no doubt they would be willing to help you out.

Now I have another question that is not really skin related but since you all wonderful people helped me with a lot of advice with library content and trakt setups to get me where I am now I thought I would ask, I already put up a post on the Trakt script addon github too anyway and they are working on helping me. But heres my current problem, my Trakt addon syncs current episodes, movies etc perfectly but the problem is after i watch an episode part way, exit, it saves the resume point. If i resume it resumes, I checked on the Trakt website and it shows im watching, I also get the scrobble notification. But after I update library (I have setting enabled that trakt syncs automatically after a library update), or do a Trakt sync in any other way. My episode progress is lost, for example if i am 50% through Seinfeld 3 x 1, it saves but after a Trakt sync it just puts it back to 3 x 1, with no progress in it at all. Any ideas?

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