Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
Hello everyone!! For any TMDBH users out there I have found a little Gem, there are some faults which I will get to, but I rememeber there were a few users on here who would like TMDBH implementation including myself which we are still hoping for, in the meantime I found, well actually someone in a Telegram group I am in; found an OpenInfo Mod (OpenInfo is already a mod of Extended info lol, so a mod of a mod if you will) that can let u use TMDB Helper!!  @cscott1 I think you would really like this.

Now there are a few things you should be aware of first and foremost, but again if you would like to try this go ahead I am glad to share this with you guys and who knows it might be a valuable source of information for HugoL and Acchiles as well.

1. This unfortunately does not let you play any episodes through Extended(Open) Info, you can still view the shows, see all cast, etc, browse seasons, and even view single episodes and their info, but when you press play nothing seems to happen. It works fine on Movies atleast however, might be a bummer for some of you guys I know but it is better than nothing.

EDIT: It works for episodes for my friend that showed me but not for me, so it may work for you guys! Hope is still here. (He uses Xonfluence skin so that MAY be a factor, I will test this out on different skins or the base Kodi Estuary skin and let u guys know, or you guys can take matters into your own hands too)

2. This Extended info will let you view movies and shows that are not in your library, but will still let you play them through TMDBH (only Movies though due to what I mentioned above). So For example if I had Avengers Infinity War in my Library, but not Endgame; but I have TMDB Helper, and the Netflix Addon. I can go to Recommended based on this movie in Extended Info, click Endgame, press Play then Play with TMDBHelper, I can choose Netflix player and it will let me play Endgame like that!!

So the cool takeaway about this even though you may not be able to play shows, is that you can view shows and Movies from the recommended that are not limited to your library and find some new shows and movies that you would want to later add to your library by your means of choice, whether its adding a tmdb .strm, or buying a digital copy real quick and adding to your library.

3. When pressing Play with TMDBHelper, it will use the default players if you have them set rather than opening the players dialog, which for you if you are fine with the default players its not an issue but it means it wont open the dialog window unless u remove the default players, which by extension means if youre like me with TMDB integrated library it will always ask which player u want to use even if you just press play on something from your home screen now. So not a bug or an issue but just something to be aware of.

Here is the link to the ExtendedinfoMod 

Here is an image compilation of me using it in action on Zombieland Double Tap a movie in my library, as well as going down and viewing Zombieland 1 (which is not in my library)

Little Update: While testing on a different skin to see if the skin was the problem I downloaded OpenMeta to see if it would make a difference, pressing Play however DOES LET ME PLAY AN EPISODE! Big Grin, the problem? It defaults to Openmeta player dialog rather than letting u use TMDBhelper, which does mean that wed be forced to use OpenMetas outdatedness, and I believe theres not many players even for it. But hey better than nothing again and just thought I would let you know.

PS. There is a Netflix Look option for OpenInfo (Extendedinfo), it does look nice but I prefer the basic one as there is no clearlogo, clearart for the title in the Netflix style while there is in the basic one. So play around and experiment how you will

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