Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-12-09, 00:55)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-12-08, 23:08)nazim12 Wrote:
(2020-12-08, 22:29)HugoL Wrote: In includesfooter.xml search for "new footer".  All the image and label controls are there all neatly labelled.  But if you still require help I suggest you switch back to the old footer instead.  There's over 30 controls in this footer, most will need adjusting depending on what you're trying to achieve and that's not something I'd be interested in assisting with right now.

OK but older footer doesn't have popcorn rating icon.

You're not even getting the popcorn rating now as far as I can see. For the home and library footer, it's only a popcorn rating (RT Audience) if you've set that as your default rating with UMS and then rescraped your movies to put it in the default position.

Looks like your default rating is set to IMDB from your picture.  I can tell because the green % liked is the default rating position which is the same as the (decimalised) IMDB score, and now it's also your popcorn rating too. So you're actually displaying the IMDB rating 3 times in this picture.


Avengers should be sitting around 90% for audience. You can quickly check the proper score by going to the Plots & Critics footer which will display the proper audience rating regardless of whether your RT audience scraped rating is in the default position (as long as you have this info scraped).

Regardless, it's a moot point, it doesn't matter now because a proper popcorn rating for home and library is on it's way from TMDB helper, along with Trakt & TMDB ratings for both TV and film.  I've "sort of" integrated TMDB Helper now.

Are you going to make TMDB Helper a Dependency or a Supported addon? a replacement for skin helper or just an addition to the skin? Looking down the road to a not so far away future with Matrix right around the corner. Honestly I'm a lil confused by it all, will Python 2 addons still work going forward or does everything have to to be updated to Python 3 to work with kodi 19? As far as I know Marcelveld is long gone and I think Cartman made some fixes to Skin Helper but aside from him popping in to say hello a few weeks ago I don't think he's doing anything with it now. So unless someone steps up I think its on the chopping block. Do you guys @HugoL and @AchillesPunks have a plan going forward? I know you guys are fairly new to skinning, hard to tell by the user you guys are doing a phenomenal job just curious to what the future holds for us.
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