Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-12-30, 22:24)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-12-30, 13:21)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-12-30, 11:31)mathu204 Wrote: Bump on this, any thoughts @HugoL ?

Also have a new suggestion, I was messing around with my other Auramod build that I know really just use for testing before importing stuff into Titan Bingie, but I noticed that instead of TBM where all the episode counts (or remaining episodes to watch) are on the corner of the posters. Auramod shows them only on the one you are highlighting which i think is better Bc you can see the posters and stuff a lot better when its not on all of them, IMO. 


What do u think?
1.  No idea about wrong episodes showing up on Next Episodes widget I'm afraid.
2. Achilles tried to add movies to the Continue Watching widget in order to get the progress bar for them.  It worked for him, didn't work for me. Maybe something to do with using .strm files but I'm not sure.
3. There's no "New" poster tag for movies, only episodes.  I don't think there needs to be a new tag on posters for movies. Taken is also a TV series, maybe you got confused and saw the new episode tag for the Taken TV series or maybe it's the film but the info  was scraped incorrectly as a TV show.
4. No idea, never seen this.  None of my seasons have names. Pretty sure you got an answer for this already, something related to your addon.
5. Probably possible, but wouldn't be high on my list.  If you want to guarantee a default rating, best to switch your default rating to IMDB or TMDB. With the new footers that utilise TMDB helper, you won't need to set RT audience as default anyway.

As to your suggestion, that's a good idea. I've never liked or use the poster tags (apart from New Episodes) but if they're just on focus it would be much better.

I would prefer to have the poster tags smaller personally like Auramod does, but if we can get the only on focus to show up it would be much better alreaady as you said.

1. That sucks I guess for now not much I or we can do about it. It is what it is.
2. Do you or Acchiles use the .strms where it doesn't show up? I actually ran into a huge issue with my .strm library where progress bars and stuff were not showing (but it was for my episodes). and someone over on the Trakt github who was a godsend helped me figure out the problem! Try this fix with the movie progress bar one more time bc it might fix it for you or acchiles whoever uses the .strms, using SQL DBBrowser, navigate to userdata/Database/MyVideos116. Open it and then go to browse data, choose the movies table, and then check the table c11, which is runtime. If the movies in question that dont show progress have 0 it means it wont show up. You either have to manually put them in or create new nfos with something like tinymediamanager that has the runtime hardcoded in, and then set content to none, then back to movies for your movies folder to force a rescan.
3. I can understand your opinion if you dont wan't to put the New tag in, I was in the movies section so the Taken you see is a movie; you are right however in that I added Taken series and the Taken movies in at the same time so maybe it was a mix up. But if you dont add New as a tag for movies, it is still a very small (not important) visual bug that sometimes makes New Episodes appear for movies. 
4. As I mentioned earlier the picture was not from an addon, remember addons cannot use the integrated season view it was from my Library where the show was scraped in using TMDB. The seasons are named like so over here: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/12971/seasons , if you could test by integrating DBZ through TMDBHelper, scanning it with TMDB you could see for yourself.

5. Alright understood, yea i will most likely switch back to IMDB or TMDB with the new update. I do have a new idea tho that I'd like to suggest:

5A: So if you remember how I asked if you could make it so when Top 250 appears on the details row it doesn't appear on the footer? Or atleast an option for it? Can you also make it so, or an option where the default rating doesn't also show on the Footer? Example:

Movie is Avengers Endgame/ Details: Top 15 on IMDB,  Liked by 88% (TMDB default).

Footer: Top 15 on IMDB, TMDB 8.8, IMDB 9.2, RT Critics 7.8, RT Audience 9.5, MC 8.5. I feel like the footer can be used for all the ALTERNATIVE ratings, instead of showing 2 ratings that are already shown on the Details panel.

5. I don’t think so. If you want ratings on home and views you’ll have to accept some redundancy.

All the ratings on the footer are from skinhelper (and soon to be tmdb helper). The rating on details row is the default scraped rating. There’s no way (I can think of) for the footer to know what rating your default rating is displaying and then exclude it.

The only thing I could do is provide a setting to individually disable ratings and then, if you know what default rating you scraped (and it’s the same default for all of your titles - which is unlikely in most cases) you can then disable that rating in your footer.

Users may well have various rating providers assigned to default depending on title, especially differing TV and a film rating defaults.

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