Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
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Titan BINGIE v1 (UPDATED 08/2019)

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Titan BINGIE v1 (UPDATED 08/2019)
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#3,8862021-02-02, 09:42
Oh okay thanks
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#3,8872021-02-02, 13:34
Bungee_G Wrote:
Oh okay thanks
You can try titan bingie mod
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#3,8882021-02-02, 13:37
Yes, I tried but same issue
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#3,8892021-02-06, 09:50
kpinheiro Wrote:

(2020-08-20, 17:37)AchillesPunks Wrote: No that would need to be removed from the XML. I think it's in includesvideoosd.xml.
Thanx. I did some digging off and on today and I just now figured out how to completely remove ONLY the rating pop up when a movie/show is started. Perfect skin otherwise. Seems the rating logo and the red bar animation beside it are 2 seperate items to fix.
If anyone has interest in knowing the 2 changes you must make to the 2 XML files to remove this, just ask.

How to?
Sorry for the very late reply. I finally made a tutorial on how to remove the rating logo animation when you start a video.

1. First enable hidden files on your PC.
2. Head to C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\skin.titan.bingie\xml
3. Find file "Custom_1159_MPAATopBar.xml" and either delete it or drop into another folder for safe keeping in case you want the rating to reappear later on.
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#3,8902021-02-06, 18:19
cscott1 Wrote:

Sadly this skin hasn't been supported in over a year. However the Bingie Mod is actively being developed and they are working on Kodi 19.

Hi I downloaded Bingnie Mod repo into Matrix but the skin did show what I am missing ?
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#3,8912021-02-13, 21:29
very nice skin, thanks

••• Skin Nox Glass •••
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#3,8922021-02-14, 19:27
I am on Kodi v18.7 on Raspberry pi 4 with fresh install. After installing this skin, it's asking me two questions that I validate and when I run Kodi I'm blocked in black screen. The only thing that I can do is to long press on back key to get the settings menu.

It's the same problem if I use English or French language.

Also, under “Configure shortcuts“, there is a “Reset menu items” link but that doesn't fix the problem.

How I can fix it, please?
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#3,89311 hours ago
Hello, first I want to congratulate you on this great job on the Bingie skin, spectacular.
I have installed it by changing from Aura mod to Bingie in my build, I have studied the skin and done tests and I have several doubts in case you can help me.
1. Only one movie appears in Spotlight, they don't rotate like widgets, is there any way that more movies can be played in Spotlight? I have it linked to news of an addon
2. The auto trailer works for me only in Spotlight, not in widgets, can the auto trailer also work in widgets linked to addons?
3. In the "List" mode view I can see the poster, the synopsis and the list of movies but with a black background, in that view can fanart appear in the background?

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